Let’s reboot into 2022!

December 31, 2021

We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

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I am BEYOND grateful for the Holy Spirit’s ability to undo all the consequences of our wrong decisions.  I am so grateful that Jesus let’s us know that we have this “get out of jail free” at the end of Chapter V in A Course in Miracles.  Lord knows, I’ve made so many wrong decisions in my life.  

And I have suffered the consequences.

Now, I give all those consequences to the Holy Spirit for healing and it works!

In my journey through this life, I was taught to be excellent in terms of the ego thought system.  Like everyone else, I succeeded at failing.  When we succeed with the ego, we fail at Life and Love.

In this life, it’s always about how things work out in the end, at the final resolution.  Most of the time, when things are presented to us, we don’t know what they’re for and our interpretations are incorrect because they’re based on false concepts and unresolved judgments.  

The ego thought system has no way out.  Only Spirit has a way out of this maze and haze of illusions.  Only Spirit knows the way to perfect Peace and true happiness.  Let’s rely upon the knower who knows.

Fortunately that “knower who knows” is the Christ – and it’s pre-installed.

Have you ever asked an “innocent” question and gotten back a tirade from someone’s ego?  

Have you poked the bear’s guilt and gotten flattened by it?  

I’ve been the bear and I’ve been the poker.  Haven’t we all?

Underneath all of this is the ego design to implement the belief of separation.  By partnering UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self each and every day, I’m able to unravel the attachments to the past and the pain I’ve been dragging along with me.  I work at it every single day, with deep gratitude that I can see real progress every day.

We learn things and then we hold onto them.  

We learn interpretations that are painful and then keep applying them over and over again.

We even learn how to make people feel bad and then guiltily treasure the ability to apply it. 

And then we feel guilty and bad and wrong for doing it.

And then we take it out on the people we’ve been unkind to for instigating our bad behavior.

Or so it seems.  Sigh.

What’s been so helpful to me in unlearning the ego thought system and undoing all the painful consequences is actively looking to find the thoughts of separation in my mind.  It helps to recognize them and then discard them.  

It helps to be able to consciously choose again.

This spiritual practice of being aware of the negative patterns has benefited my whole family and everyone I’m in relationship with.  For many years I’ve been teaching it to others and their families have benefited too.

Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain. 

~ A Course in Miracles, M-5.I.1:1

Why would we value pain?  We feel we deserve it.  We punish ourselves to get out in front of the punishment of God the Father.  It’s because of that ancient guilt we all keep alive.  It’s the guilt that is in our minds for having valued separation more than unity and oneness.  

It’s the guilt that we reenact every day when we choose thoughts of separation such as:  

“What’s her problem?”

“I’m such an idiot.”

“He’ll never respect me.”

Recognizing that anything I do to my brothers and sisters, I do to myself AND to Jesus, is the way I remember that we’re all one and I undo the guilt of choosing separation.  If I wish to be free, I must free my brothers and sisters from my thoughts about them.  

Jesus taught it this way:  What you do to the least of them, you do to me.

Because all IS one.

Anytime we think ANYONE is less or more then we’re affirming the learning of the ego thought system and it will always have painful results.  THere’s no way around that.  

When we make ourselves the special victims of others we’re twisting what could be heaven into our own personal version of hell.  And we do it because of the guilt.

We can undo the guilt or affirm it.  

We choose whom we will serve:  ego or Spirit.

Working with Spirit, we can redeem our brothers and sisters and ourselves.  This is the way out of pain and suffering – and there really is no other way.  We cannot go it alone because unity is the way out.  

My Masterful Living Program helps people establish an effective spiritual practice.  It’s not intellectual.  It’s from the heart. This is what works to undo these chains that bind us to keep repeating the past.

We’ve all blamed people for ruining our happiness.

And that blame actually increased our unhappiness.  Ugh.

We’ve all fallen into ego traps of trying to find happiness in the world, but that’s not where it can be found.  Any time we think that changing things in the world will make us happy we’ve fallen into an ego trap.  What makes us happy is being in loving alignment with Spirit.  

When we’re being loving we’re fulfilling our purpose.  It’s that simple

When we’re NOT being loving, we’re missing the very opportunity that we’re searching for, and it’s right in front of us, 

right inside of us, 

where it’s been all along.


As we run (screaming) out of the year 2021, and leap (gracefully) into this new year (finally), let’s REBOOT into a more dedicated and devoted relationship with the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  

Let’s REBOOT into WAY more Peace, more Love, and more Joy.


Instead of making new year’s resolutions, let’s set a high aspiration and energize it every day by simply repeating it and keeping it fresh before us.  

My aspiration is to be wholeheartedly loving.  

My intention is to look for and make loving choices.

My goal is to shine and share the Love in a way that is profoundly inspiring and uplifting to myself and others.  

In these ways, I live my purpose to be truly helpful.

Let’s pray to be willing to forgive ourselves and to remember the truth that sets us free from those gnarly awful patterns of pain.  Our willingness is ALL that’s required.

And let’s begin this new year with some FUN!

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We’re walking the talk, we’re living the Love and we’re rising above!

Register today, and we’ll join together tomorrow!

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