Letting Go of Grievances

December 18, 2021

Out for a full moon walk as the moon rises over the mountain!

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Some of us are preparing to be with family and some of us are wishing we could be with family and some are grateful that we don’t have to be with family over the holidays.  Wherever you stand with your family – this year, give the gift of releasing any judgements you might hold against them.

You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes to genuinely, in your heart, release the grudges and grievances and show up as loving compassion.

If it’s challenging then it’s the sandpaper your mind needs in order to be polished for unconditional Love.

It can be hard to imagine that changing one habit could transform your whole life, but I’m definitely living proof that it’s true.  For me, the one habit that I changed that shifted my whole life was letting go of the habit of judging.  I have had to really work at it.  And I still work at it every day.  

Each and every day, judgments and opinions come up that I see are blocking the flow of Love in my life.  I was grateful that I FINALLY saw that I was looking outside myself for ways to open up the flow of good, while simultaneously blocking it time after time.  

It was my Homer Simpson moment – Doh!!

Rather than berate myself for not realizing what I didn’t realize, I was willing to just be grateful that I did finally realize my error and move on.  

You see, I’ve been a very dedicate grudge holder in my life and so being able to move on is a MAJOR healing for me.  Now, I can move on quite quickly and I’m SO, SO grateful for that.  I invested so much of my precious life-energy in holding onto grievances.  This is why Lesson #68 in the ACIM workbook is so valuable to me:  Love holds no grievances.  

When I think of Lesson 68 I say:  Love holds no grievances, nor do I.

Can you think of something you did in the past that you now realize was an error in thinking and that you still berate yourself for?  

If so, how much of your energy do you you feel that you’ve invested in that?  

Would you be willing to forgive yourself, drop the judgment and move on?  

It’s SO worth it to let these grievances go.

We do it by handing them over to Spirit.  It can help to have a God Jar on your altar where you can write these things down and physically place them in your God Jar and then let them go.  

If you don’t have a God Jar or God Box on your altar, it’s easy enough to find something that will serve.  If you don’t have an altar, that’s easy too.  

Take a nice cloth, cover a table or a shelf, add a white candle, maybe a picture of a beloved teacher like Jesus or a statue of an angel, add your God Jar and you’re good to go.  

Finding simple rituals to release the grievances and rely upon Spirit has changed my life and my feelings about myself and my life.  I encourage you to go for it!

If you’ve been doing this already, let us know your results in the chat below!  Thank you!

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