No More Unemployed Angels

December 21, 2021

Let’s put those angels to work!

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This week already feels intense.  Yesterday was SUCH a full day.  Bodhi was really doing her best to be patient with me, but I really needed to focus on work so I gave her as much attention as I could between things.  Still, I could feel how much she wanted me to stop and play with her.  Sigh.

Now, to be clear, I play with her first thing in the morning, then mid-morning and various times throughout the day.  We play on the floor, play outside, I take her for long walks, we play fetch and tug and, well, to me, it feels like a LOT of time is devoted to her, but she feels like she has several hours a day when she’s on her own and she doesn’t like it much.

Anyway, the intensity is something many of us are feeling, not just Bodhi and me.  I mention this because if you’re feeling it, know your’e not the only one.

There are ways to relieve the tension, and one is go into our heart.  We simply focus on our heart chakra and think of broadcasting Love to the world like a lighthouse of Love.  Blast it out.  This will actually open our mind to more Love flowing in so that we can send it out and it will refresh us.

Another thing we can do is give up any grievances or complaints.  Give them UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self.  Ask for help in letting them go.

Angels are on stand-by for this exact purpose.

For those who have too much to do – choose happiness over getting all things done before the weekend.  You’re probably the only one who cares or will notice and everyone will be affected by your stress.  Do us all a favor and take some of the things you “should” do off the list.  

Stress is a sign of separation thinking.  It’s usually the effect of thinking that we’re on our own, which we’re not.  The antidote is to partner UP with Spirit.  Put the angels to work.  

No more unemployed angels!

When we’re stressed we don’t realize we’re blessed.  Let’s model being in tune with Spirit and remembering there is no separation.  Others will follow!

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Taking action to break the patterns of despair, lack of faith and unhappiness is a powerful step toward healing!

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