Releasing the Patterns of Pain

December 20, 2021

Yesterday morning we played in the snow and the barking was long forgotten.

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One of my challenges is getting to bed as early as I’d like.  It was no problem when I lived in Los Angeles or Hawaii, but it has been something I’ve not been able to consistently do since living on the east coast again.  

Saturday night I was on track to be asleep by 11 when I got an alert on my phone that my passwords had been hacked and simultaneously Bodhi started barking.  It seemed like there some kind of animal, perhaps a group of deer, outside and Bodhi could smell them or sense them and barking to scare them away.  She didn’t stop completely until it was 12:30am.  

Trying to figure out what was going on with the hack of my passwords, when I was SO tired and Bodhi was barking was hard for me.  It wasn’t any easier because I definitely felt bothered that my timing to get to bed by 11 was being derailed and now I’d get to sleep much later than I normally do, and far later than I’d intended.

I saw the attachment to my plan, and I let that go, but still I had the sense of disappointment.  I don’t deny my feelings, I let them be.

Bodhi’s barking was definitely unnerving me.  I’d calm her down and she’d stop for a bit and then she’d start up again.  I am super sensitive to sounds, and the sound was hard for me to take because it was so loud and because I love that puppy and she was upset.

Now, as problems go, this was nothing.  It was absolutely 100% NO thing.  I realize that.  Just another opportunity for me to work with my mind.  Just another nothing trying to be something.  Which I didn’t allow.

It was all happening as the moon was becoming full.  I felt that full moon releasing/healing opportunity.  It was time to harvest the wisdom from my experience.

I reminded myself that no matter what time I went to sleep I could still awaken refreshed and happy.  One of my favorite quotes form A Course in Miracles is “rest comes from waking, not from sleeping.”  I’m on a path of awakening and I know that.  

I fixed a bunch of passwords.  I gave Bodhi something to chew on to calm herself, I turned out the lights and went to bed and she soon settled down.  

I cannot control life, but I can control my thoughts, because I can control what thoughts I choose to think.

I’m not a victim of circumstance.  Everything is to teach me.  I’m interested in seeing the value in what’s happening now and being present to this moment.

I realized I’d rather have no attachments and stay up all night then have lots of attachments and get to bed early.  

Even a barking dog can be my teacher.  Even the password hack can be helpful to me.  If my mind can get caught on a thought, then I’d like the opportunity to heal that place in my awareness that is disturbed.  

The more I practice this way, the more free I am.  I am choosing spiritual liberation and it requires me to be attentive to my thoughts.  I am the dreamer of the dream.  I am that I AM.  There is no better time for me to choose to remember the truth. Now will always be the perfect time.

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Taking action to break the patterns of despair, lack of faith and unhappiness is a powerful step toward healing!

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