Spiritual liberation is happening!

December 26, 2021

Bodhi & I are sending you Love & Light from Vermont!

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If you celebrated Christmas, I hope you had a lovely one.  I got to spend the day with Bodhi and had a 2 hour zoom with family opening presents and chatting.  As you may know, my trip to Maine to be with family was cancelled due to the virus.  All is well. Everyone is healthy and good.

Bodhi and I went for walks and I cooked and talked with friends too.  It was nice to have a chill day at home.

One of the things that’s been on my mind for the last couple of weeks is accountability.  

Back about 14 years ago I made a decision to go ALL IN for Love and put Spirit, the Higher Holy Spirit Self, the might I AM Presence in charge of my life.  

That decision, and all the choices for Love that I made EVERY DAY made it possible for me to access my intuition at a MUCH higher level.  

Greater access to intuition made it easy for me to make MUCH better decisions, more loving decisions and that eliminated a HUGE amount of discord from my life.

There were many shifts and changes as a result.

Each shift and each change was for the better.  
My life became much improved.
I finally started to feel like I was living the life I was born to live.

One of the things that I really tried to find in those early days of making this shift was an accountability partner.  I had lots of friends and prayer partners at that time, and yet none of them really was interested in being an accountability partner with me.  No one else wanted to make the “All In” commitment.  

Now, I’m not complaining or finding fault.  I understand it.  And the truth is, it worked well for me, because I went to Spirit for that partnership.  And that’s how I started to “Partner UP.”

I can understand that an accountability partner might sound like too much to take on.  

I used to feel afraid of putting Spirit in charge of my life.  Like many people, I thought that meant my life would become devoid of pleasure.  

What has actually happened is that I enjoy my life more than ever.  
I enjoy life’s pleasures more because there’s no guilt or shame now.
Each year becomes more satisfying and more fulfilling.  
I don’t feel I’m missing out on things.  Just the opposite.
I feel that I’m not investing my time and energy with a lot of things that are painful and unpleasant.

It’s been a blessing to make this shift.

I had a deep desire of the heart to have a spiritual community that was truly focused on being loving and living a life of Love.  

I know that Love is our healer.
I desired to be part of a community where a whole lot of healing was going on.
I wanted to experience spiritual liberation alongside my beloved brothers and sisters.
I yearned to remember to laugh in a group experience.

I got what I asked for, what I prayed for and what Spirit showed me how to bring into existence.  This is what the Power of Love Ministry, Finding Freedom and Masterful Living truly are.  

Spirit guided and led me and Spirit did the work of relieving me of my punishing thoughts.

The blessings keep on flowing!  
Year after year, there are miracles.  
Real people, real miracles.
We’re holding ourselves accountable in the most loving and supportive way.
Spiritual liberation is happening.

When we see the shifts and changes in our relationships, then we know our spiritual practice is effective.  When we feel more Peace then we know it’s working.
This is what we live, practice and demonstrate in my year-long Masterful Living Program.  And that’s why most participants find that relationship healing is the #2 result they have during their year in Masterful Living.  The #1 result is a closer connection to Spirit and a basic spiritual practice that really works for them.
We don’t study ACIM in Masterful Living – we LIVE it.  That’s our focus.  Really truly living it – and you don’t have to even own a copy of the book to learn to live it.  

It’s the living of this precious teaching that is liberating.  Studying inspire’s us to apply it.  Without the application there’s no healing and no miracles.  

We’re entitled to miracles, so let’s not miss out on any of them!  

Accountability is a blessing and a powerful tool in our spiritual tool kit.

Are you interested in my Masterful Living Program next year? Book an Exploratory Call with one of our spiritual counselors and let them answer all your questions. Click here now to book a FREE exploratory call.

If you’re going to join us next year in Masterful Living 2022, I encourage you to register early.  Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation!  Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!  We begin January 1st with my BONUS New Year Reboot Workshop!

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