Stay the Course

December 7, 2021
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Let’s stick together and stay the course.

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For some folks right now it feels really dark and desperate.  For others the Light is getting so bright, and the Love feels so real.  Whichever you’re experiencing, it’s helpful to keep in mind that only Love is Real.

The darkness isn’t real, it’s a made up story that’s meant to be undone and to fall apart.  There’s a brilliance and a genius in each of us.

There’s a guide leading us to the highest and best in everyone.  We can listen to that voice, we can follow our feelings – even if this is a new experience for us.

Learning to follow our guidance is so worth it.

It brings so much benefit and the end to living in lack and worry.

We can learn to trust that inner “voice” and feel confident that we’ve made the right voice.

It’s a matter of deciding we’re willing to follow the guidance we get no matter what.  No matter what.

And that’s a great feeling.

Of course, there will be times when it’s tempting to abandon ship and go back to the old ways.  That’s normal.  

When it feels like that – it’s a test.  It’s a test in the sense that when we don’t choose to repeat the past, but to move forward into the inspired choice, we’re having a healing.  We’re setting new precedent and we’re putting the past behind us.  

We’re modeling what it’s like to live an inspired life!

It may be tempting to give up or give in, but we can learn to stay the course, have true and faith and make the highest and best choices.

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