The Truth Behind Illusions

December 29, 2021
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We’re choosing Peace and remembering the truth about ourselves.

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This week my podcast episode is about understanding more clearly that the world we think we see is a projection.  It’s not that the world doesn’t matter because it’s an illusion.  In fact, BECAUSE it’s a project, every choice we makes becomes that much more important to our happiness.

There is a tendency to think that the world is so big and so complex, what difference does it make if we make an unloving choice, or if we lie about something small, or we disregard someone’s feelings?  What I’ve seen in my own life is that every decision I make affects everything else.

It’s not that decisions are big or small, but one thing leads to another.  

A simple decision for or from Love can change the trajectory of our life.

That’s how powerful one decision inspired by Love is.

We tend to discount the power of our decisions because it reinforces the belie that we’re victims of the world we see.  As crazy as it sounds, it can seem to be a relief to be a victim.  This kind of thinking reinforces our powerlessness and it seems to relieve the guilt of feeling responsible for the world we see that we judge as bad.

In my experience, becoming responsible for the world I see has brought me true relief and peace of mind.  Being responsible for how I see the world I recognize that I can choose Peace instead of upset.  I have that power.

I can change my mind about the world and experience the world in a different way.  This is liberation from suffering.

I’m interested in knowing the truth because my experience of the truth is that it liberates me from illusions.

The more I travel this road of valuing the truth and making loving choices very important to me, the more I experience Peace and the more loving I feel in my heart.  

This is a spiritual practice that inspires us to live a joyful discipline that brings a deep sense of relief.  We can then model it for others and they are inspired too.  The blessings we share, ignite others and that ripples throughout the world to make a real difference.  Ain’t it grand?

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