When spiritual practice is BORING!

December 28, 2021

It takes a lot of energy to suppress our natural creativity in order to be bored.

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Many years ago, I was teaching a group of prayer practitioners in training and we were talking about spiritual practices including meditation.  People in the group were being honest about how they really felt about their spiritual practices, and they felt resistance and reluctance.

They felt agitation and boredom.

I could relate.

I felt that way for YEARS.

But I didn’t give up.  

And then, I turned a corner.

I began to enjoy my time of focused concentration on Spirit more and more.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I know it now, the shift I experienced happened because I got super focused on these things:

  • Giving up the thoughts that didn’t serve my life of Love
  • Giving up the judgments I had against myself
  • Being willing to truly recognize the beauty of each person in my life

I became more focused on being loving and seeing the truth in my life and that made me more of a vibrational match for my spiritual practice.

Once that shift began to really take hold, I could move WAY beyond the resistance and reluctance.

I remember telling that group of practitioners-in-training what the shift really felt like for me.  It was similar to the feeling you have when you’re in bed with your lover and it feels so warm and yummy and you’d like to hit the snooze button and get 10 minutes more of yumminess.  

That feeling is a long way away from the “ants in your pants” feeling before I made the shift.

One of the things I’ve realized along the way is that there’s a tipping point when things get a WHOLE LOT easier than they ever were before.  Peace becomes the norm and worry becomes a thing of the past.  Agitation is rare.

One of my goals in my programs is to assist those who wish to reach the tipping point.  It’s very much possible even for those who think it’s not.  Willingness is all that’s required.

Something that’s important to realize, in order to get to the tipping point, is that it does require a great willingness to let go of the past, and the false beliefs that have accumulated.  We have to let go of thinking the answer is in a book or that studying information will lead to transformation – it doesn’t.  

Being bored requires a lot of energy.  In order to be bored we have to suppress our natural creativity and disconnect from inspiration.  It’s a trick of the ego to blame it on circumstances.

Now is a time of extraordinary healing, and that’s what I hold as possible for everyone.

Let’s not be tricked by the ego anymore.  Let’s go for it!  

And by “it,” I mean true Joy and happiness.

Being able to feel peaceful in challenging times is the result of an effective spiritual practice, which is what I share in my programs.  My best program ever is Masterful Living and it starts in 4 days.  You can click here now to learn more.

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Taking action to break the patterns of despair, lack of faith and unhappiness is a powerful step toward healing!

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