2022 Year of the Heart Opening

January 1, 2022

This is our year of heart opening beyond anything we’ve known before.

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I’m excited for my New Year Reboot workshop today. I feel so open to what this new year can bring and yet, I recognize these are really tough times for a lot of people.

Almost everyone I speak to is feeling a bit wonky after so many holiday plans cancelled. HUGE increases in the numbers of cases of Covid in so many countries, and in just the last few days.

Yes, we’re tired of the pandemic. So many are struggling with being alone or feeling shut in and living in limitation. While others houses are burning or being flooded or blown down. These are very intense times.

Many people are mourning, but don’t even know how to do it under these circumstances.

It’s a lot.

And still, I am feeling so excited for this new year that starts today.

I feel this will be the most heart-opening year that we’ve had in recent memory.

I feel tremendous support in the invisible field for our heart healing.

Our Power of Love Ministry community is strengthening all the time. Folks are joining us in Masterful Living and the welcome embrace is real and powerful.

I’m encouraging you to focus on what you’d like to experience most this year.

And what you’d like to contribute.

Don’t hold back. Forget any perceived limitations.

The greatest gift we have is the gift of sharing our awakening mind and contributing to the global awakening.

It’s time to RISE UP! Let’s do it together.

TODAY: Please consider having some fun with me in my New Year Reboot workshop today. We’re starting the New Year in a powerful way to open our minds and help us leave the past behind without guilt or shame.

If you’ve been saying that “someday” you’ll do Masterful Living, make it this year. Each year we prove that spiritual practice saves time, money and prevents suffering, plus it’s profoundly healing to body, mind and spirit – as well as relationships and careers. Who couldn’t use some of ALL of that – act now and you really CAN have it all!

Are you unsure if my Masterful Living Program 2022 is right for you? Book an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors and let them answer all your questions. Click here now to book an exploratory call. If you’re going to join us next year in Masterful Living 2022, I encourage you to register early. Make the commitment to yourself NOW and you’ll have so much to look forward to – including tremendous healing and transformation! Give yourself this gift and you’ll be amazed at how your connection with Spirit will bloom!

Click here now to book a free Exploratory Call.

BTW – New Year Reboot is just one of many bonuses you’ll get in Masterful Living this year!

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    Eyes of Love
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    Three Powerful Words That Change Everything
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