Her Barking Was My Blessing

January 18, 2022

Bodhi loves to watch the birds on our deck.

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Many of us have or have had fears around things that seem to recur and disrupt our happiness.  There’s FOMO, the fear of missing out.  I had FONES, fear of not enough sleep. 

If you’re a longtime reader of my daily shot of Spiritual Espresso then you may recall that I’ve shared I used to have a real “thing” about not getting enough sleep.  It’s gone now, completely and I’m grateful for that.

The prospect that I might not be able to get enough sleep (whatever “enough” actually means) would set me off, and then it would be hard to sleep and sleep soundly.  I’d feel anxious and that made it unpleasant AND difficult to relax and sleep well.  I knew I was doing it to myself, but I didn’t know how to make it stop.

This fear of not getting enough sleep started, as near as I can tell, when I was a child and I had a sleep over at a friend’s house, stayed up too late, ate too much junk food and then threw up.  In my child’s mind my feeling sick was related to not getting enough sleep.  

It then became a fear for me that I might not get enough sleep and would be sick because of it.  I came to believe that being sleep deprived would make me susceptible to illness.

I don’t have this issue anymore.  My spiritual practice dissolved that fear.  I’ve realized that I can pray, and think loving thoughts and then there’s no anxiety and so I may have less sleep or even no sleep some night, but I can still be refreshed and renewed the next day.

A Course in Miracles says, “rest comes from waking, not from sleeping.”  I know this is true.  A peaceful mind isn’t threatened by situations in the world.  Peace isn’t conditional, it’s a spiritual quality of God, and it’s part of my true nature.  When I’m in tune with Spirit, I’m at Peace.

The reason I’m thinking about this is because for two months in a row, at the time of the full moon, when I get into bed to sleep (and I usually am asleep in 5 minutes or less), my puppy, Bodhi, has started barking and I can’t get her to stop.  

We live out in the country on a dirt road, with woods and fields all around us.  I don’t know what sets her off, it could be foxes, coyotes, deer, another dog, (bears are hibernating now) or just the wind.  Last month and this month she’s barked for about an hour.  It bothers me because I’m sensitive to Bodhi’s emotions, and she’s definitely upset if she’s barking like that.  And it also bothers me because I have extra sensitive ears.  I’m affected by the sound vibrations, especially if there’s distress in someone’s voice.

Some of the experts say the thing to do is to ignore it.  Eventually, I decided to do that this time.  It’s hard to ignore, but I gave it my best.  I put in ear plugs and went to sleep.  It took about 15 minutes, but I did fall asleep and I have no idea when she stopped barking.

When I woke up, and took the ear plugs out in the morning I could hear that it was INCREDIBLY windy.  We’re elevated, and the wind comes off the mountains and across the valley and hits the house hard.  There were gusts up to 60mph.  It was intense!

I realized that because I’d had the earplugs in all night, the wind didn’t disturb me at all.  So, Bodhi’s barking turned out to be a blessing that gave me a nice sound night’s sleep!

We don’t know what anything is for, so let’s just accept it all as a blessing to be revealed later if it’s not immediately obvious now.

Letting all judgments go, we can relax and be at Peace, our natural state.

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