Releasing Self-Doubt

January 4, 2022

Bodhi’s a bird watcher in training!

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Sometimes I feel insecure about my puppy, Bodhi.  I’m a little concerned sometimes that I’m not being a really good carer for her.  

Let me explain.

When Bodhi was younger, during the summer, she sat in the front door and on the front stoop of our house and she watched the world go by.  The people, the horses, the cars, she watched it all and she came in and out of the house all day long.  

She never went very far.  Almost everyone who came by the auto mechanics garage next door became her friend.

Then she started to go to the neighbors house and they didn’t like it.  They have a dog who is older and who does NOT appreciate having another dog come in the yard.  Of course, it became Bodhi’s favorite place to go.  So, I had to start putting her on a lead so she’d stop going over there, which she has.

It’s winter now.  As I write this, it’s 0 degrees outside and Bodhi’s out there exploring, at the end of the lead.  I hope she doesn’t get it wrapped around a tree forcing me to go out there and untangle her.  

Her life was so exciting in the summer.  Finding mud puddles to roll in and then getting in her pool and cooling off.  Everything was an interesting adventure and she had so many options.

Now, there are fewer options, although I’ve set up her bird feeder viewing stations and I’m teaching her to be an avid bird watcher. 

I was taking her for two long walks with a friend’s dog and they ran practically non-stop.  Now it’s one or two walks with me and one with the other dog.  It’s not the same.  She started to go my friend’s neighbors and that’s not a good idea so I have to keep a closer eye on her now.

Life is MUCH quieter in the winter.  She has to ring the bell to go outside, and she can’t just go whenever she feels like it.  Because she’s on a lead she has limits.  She gets bored when I’m working and she rings the bell even though she doesn’t want to go out.  She just wants to play.  

Sometimes I can’t play with her and she seems bored and bummed out.  

I play with her many times throughout the day, but still I feel like I’m disappointing her.  It’s all about relative deprivation.  Relative to her summer experience, she now feels deprived, even though she loves the snow and MUCH prefers the cold temperatures.

She has NO idea that many dogs are home by themselves all day.  They don’t get 3 walks, they get 1.  She gets bored with me because I’m here ALL the time.  If I go somewhere I always take her with me because she’d MUCH rather be with me or waiting in the car than be alone in the house.  

I was watching a video recently that talked about how you can tell if your dog loves me and I know that she does.  She does all the things on the list.  

I know that this little bit of doubt is coming up for healing.

I love her so much and I show it to her all day long.  She lives a great life and the worst thing is the boredom she feels.  

If it weren’t for Covid we’d be doing more things!

I’m stepping up my training with her.  And I’m committed to giving her a good quality of life.

I’m very grateful I can heal these little doubts and know that it’s a healing of false beliefs.

I’d rather have it come up this way than other ways.  

ACIM tells us all doubt is self-doubt.  I know it to be true.

I’m glad Spirit send me this precious puppy to gently help me remove self-doubt!

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