Shifting Perspective

January 29, 2022
Shifting Perspective

Truth is beautiful.

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I love the power of Love – our true healer.

One of the most challenging things I know of is learning to honor other people’s perspectives in relationships. We all see the world differently. What is threatening to one person is inviting to another. What is exciting to this one is boring to that one. We’re all the same, but we don’t see things from the same perspective.

Honoring another’s viewpoint, even though we don’t agree with it is a great skill to have. It makes relationship so much easier and healthier.

Some folks are very distrusting, and so they’ll be offended by an honest gesture of extending Love. That doesn’t mean we should withdraw or give up. It means we must be led and guided by the Spirit as to how. I’ve learned to remember that I can extend Love without saying a word or taking any visible action. I call this working in the invisible.

I really appreciate that I can work in the invisible. It’s easier, faster, and perfect every time. And just the fact that we don’t have to labor in the world – what I call “pushing density,” and that we have a more effective option give me so much relief.

Once we realize that we can do our healing and transformation at the level of the mind, and that it affects all of our relationships, it’s a HUGE relief. We can train ourselves to remember that the Higher Holy Spirit Self is reliable. We can begin to truly rely up on Spirit.

Of course, it doesn’t work if we’re just trying to manipulate the universe to give us what we think we want and need. That’s not it.

So, when it comes to trying to change someone else’s perspective, it doesn’t work if we’re really just trying to manipulate them. What works is if we’re letting go and letting God.

And by “works” I mean, makes a miraculous shift. The miracle comes when we’re willing to have faith in the innate goodness of a person. It’s an expression of Love and Love is the true healer.

The miracle is when we can give up our conditioned view of ourselves and others, this allows us to invest in something new unfolding. It’s not a manipulation, it’s holding the higher view and allowing it to unfold.

When we change our perspective about others, then they tend to change.

I pray to see with God’s view and to release all perception. Perception isn’t truth. I’d rather see what’s true. I’d rather see each person as the precious Light Beings that they already are – including myself!

Who can you shift your perspective about today?
Who has a different perspective from yours that you can stop condemning and start loving?

Simple changes in our thinking change our whole lives – it’s the only thing that really works!

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