Strong Mind

January 28, 2022

Let’s stay strong, like an elephant!

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Are you willing to know how powerful your thoughts are?  It takes courage.  One way to begin is to simply start thinking: I’d like … and then fill in the blank.  What’s important is to say “I’d like” at the start and NOT I want, or I need.  The simple “I’d like” is so powerful.  

Then, notice if you feel worthy.  

And, if you’re willing to receive it.

Let’s find out how willing you are.

Many people WANT things they aren’t willing to receive.  I know it sounds a bit wackadoo, but it’s true.  You know you’re blocking it, you do.

Consider, is there anything you’ve ever REALLY wanted, but you didn’t feel worthy of it so you blocked it?  I certainly have.  In helping you to release the block to having it – write what it is in the comments section below and write “I’d like … and then tell us what it is!  

Our thoughts bring things into being.  Our thoughts and beliefs create a kind of mold or container for Spirit to flow into and take shape.  The more we think about something, the more we believe in it, the more we emotionally and mentally invest in an idea, the more solidly it shows up in our lives.

If you’d like to create something beautiful in your life, focus on it and hold it in your heart and mind as already done and watch it show up.

Many folks have a difficult time with this and end up energizing worry and doubt that it’s happening.  Until it happens, until they can hold it, see it, touch it and feel it, it seems like it’s not happening.  It’s like looking at a field that’s been planted before you can see the evidence of the plants growing.  You can’t really tell if they’re germinating and healthy or not.  You have to have faith.

When we have doubt and worry it’s like poking holes in the mold or container that we’ve created for God to flow into.  The more we entertain doubt and worry, the bigger the holes in our mental container.  When we have lots of doubt and worry then it’s as though the energy of Spirit flows right into our container and out the holes and nothing is created.  And yet, who is the one that’s poking holes in the container?  We are.  And then we blame God for not loving us enough to give us what we want and need.  The doubt and worry are our own doing, but we blame it on Spirit.  

Keep your focus on strengthening your container.  Don’t let doubt enter.  Don’t invite it in, and don’t pour it a cup of coffee.  Sometimes people will tell us to be realistic and give up our desires, but that’s not being realistic.  That’s giving up!  Enough.

Be willing to receive your good until your cup runneth over.

Only you can keep your focus and strength of mind strong.

Your willingness is ALL that’s required!

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