When People Treat Us Poorly

January 13, 2022

Self-care and Self-Love heal our minds of worry doubt and fear!

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I remember having an experience with someone in my life who didn’t treat me as well as I would have liked.  I attributed it to his personality and tried (not very successfully) to not take it personally.  I had a couple of experiences like that in my past.  

At the time, I really thought it was all about them and had nothing to do with me, but still, it bothered me.

What I’ve come to realize is that when things bother me, there’s something for me to heal in my consciousness.  There’s a false belief that can be eliminated.  

It’s not what’s happening that bothers me so much as the meaning I make of it.

Learning to take responsibility for my experiences and the feelings I have has been my way out of ALL kinds of upset.  

I’ve also come to realize that when someone treats me poorly, and it bothers me, it’s a reflection of my own lack of self-love and appreciation coming up to be healed and transformed.

I can actually thank them for helping me to see what I’d not been able to see before.

Back then, I made excuses for the ones who treated me poorly because I was so convinced it was about them.  Now, I can see that it was about me.  It was about Spirit showing me the belief in lack and limitation in my consciousness.  

I needed to work on that, and I did.  

That inner work I did shifted everything.

We don’t have struggle with the same issues, we can transform and transcend them.  That’s the way I like to do it!

Would you like to experience more Love in your life?  Let me show you what worked for me and has worked for many others too!

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I share what I learned that shifted me out of my habits of ignoring my intuition and all the healing opportunities that God gave me in my Masterful Living Course 2022.  At no charge you can also book an exploratory call to speak with one of the spiritual counselors who has already done the program and they can help you be clear if this is right for you right now.

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