Bringing Benefit

February 22, 2022

We can BE the blessing.

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I aspire to bring benefit to all beings with every choice I make.

Being beneficial to myself is first and foremost.  Beneficial to my loved ones next.  My loved ones are not just my family and friends, but also everyone who participates in this Power of Love Ministry.  I pray for us all every day.  I pray for all humanity, the earth and all the kingdoms of the earth each day.  How could I leave anyone out?

This is a time of true transformation.  

Do you know anyone who isn’t either resisting true transformation or in the midst of it?  I do not.

In our lives there are always people who are struggling and challenged with what life holds.  I work with people who have intense emotional, physical and financial challenges.  I hold the high watch with them and for them.    This is what A Course in Miracles calls extending Love.  

Each day in my own practice of prayer, I pray for all of us to let go the past and all prejudices and misperceptions of any kind.  I pray for us all to see and know clearly, to feel clearly, the Love of Spirit in through and around us in each moment, at all times, in all situations, regardless of what is occurring.

One of the most powerful spiritual practices I know is to follow this passage in A Course in Miracles, which tell us: 

“You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way: 

I am here only to be truly helpful. 

I am here to represent Him Who sent me. 

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, 

because He Who sent me will direct me.  

I am content to be wherever He wishes,

 knowing He goes there with me. 

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.  T-2.V.A.18.

I call this the Purpose Prayer because it tell us clearly what our purpose is.  Our purpose is ONLY as follows:

To be truly helpful, which is to represent Love (God)

So, as the storm is approaching, whether it’s a hurricane or cancer, whether it’s bankruptcy or fire, divorce or disaster, let us decide to fulfill our purpose.

How could we have a purpose to be truly helpful and represent, or re-present Love, if we didn’t have everything pre-installed.

The kingdom is pre-installed.

We look within to find it.

We find the courage to look within and to realize that all the judgments we have about ourselves are worthless and have no place in our fulfilling our purpose.  

We are willing to see beyond the judgments to the kingdom that is eternally within us.

All that we need is within our willingness to seek the kingdom first.  

Then, Peace, Freedom, Prosperity, Wholeness and Harmony are re-cognized by us.  These spiritual qualities and more have always been within us.  

As I watch the storm progress toward loved ones, I could feel helpless, worried and afraid.  I feel concerned, but I am doing what I know to be truly helpful.  I am re-presenting Love.  This I am willing and grateful to be able to do.  It makes a difference.  It calms the storms internally and adds to the Peace in the world.

Let’s commit ourselves to doing this daily in order to bring benefit to all.

I AM truly helpful.

I AM fulfilling my purpose.

I AM grateful to practice being loving today, now.

I AM grateful to be grateful.

Living this way, we become spiritual leaders and teachers and we’re bringing great benefit!

In choosing to BE a blessing we’re also receiving the blessing and then ALL are blessed.

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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