Loving Myself

February 18, 2022

Self-Love is required for awakening.

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The very first step in my spiritual awakening was the decision to put loving myself ahead of other things.

I made it my one goal and that’s when everything began to shift.  

Back then, I was looking for Love outside of myself, and I’m grateful I realized that there was another way to bring more Love into my experience.  I decided to BE the love of my life instead of looking to someone else to fill that role.

The more I’ve lived AS the love of my life, I’ve found that it’s naturally easier for me to be more loving with others, and that brings more Love in my life.  

Like attracts like.  

When we love ourselves, if other people behave in ways that are unloving, it bothers us less and less.  We can see their behavior as the cry for Love that it is and we can respond with compassion.

When we love ourselves, we can have more compassion for others, which means we can extend Love to them, rather than take things personally.  That saves a HUGE amount of time, and energy that we formerly invested in being upset.

No longer investing in being upset is one of the great acts of Self-Love.  

Compassion is loving understanding.

Being able to respond with compassion brings more Love into our experience too.  In this way, we are more and more in the flow of Love and staying there.  There’s no need to leave.  The habits of criticizing and attacking fall away and are replaced with genuine loving kindness and a lightness of being takes over.

No matter how entrenched we are in feeling alone, unlovable, unworthy, or bad, we can turn it around very quickly when we let Spirit show us how.  This is one of the most valuable things we can learn and that’s why it’s a focus of my programs.  We can easily be much more happy when we’re wiling to change our minds.

The power of decision is ours.  We can decide to BE the love of our life and let Spirit show us how.  It’s always the perfect time to make this powerful shift!  Besides, Self-Love is required for awakening.

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