My willingness was fake

February 11, 2022

This dog is so willing to meet what comes!

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For years, and I do mean years, I prayed over and over again to stop resisting the call to Love, and awaken from the dream of separation.  I prayed to dissolve and resolve all resistance and reluctance in all it’s many forms – those I knew and those that were hidden to me.

A Course in Miracles tells us that our willingness is all that’s required to put an end to separation thinking and the experience of suffering.

We’re reminded that so little is asked of us.  

How can we awaken if we’re unwilling?  

Doesn’t it make sense that the least we could do is be willing.

If we’re not willing, then aren’t we choosing the unhappy dream?  Of course we are.

And yet, I can remember how often I was definitely, decidedly NOT WILLING to follow my intuition, to be loving, to be compassionate, or even just to be kind.  

I didn’t really understand what being willing meant.

I honestly believed that saying I was willing meant I was willing.

Just as I believed that saying I forgave meant I forgave.

I was deluded and confused, and I didn’t realize it.

How could I possibly be resistant and willing at the same time?  It’s not possible.

However, my insanity wasn’t unrecognized.  I did absolutely know that I had a great UN-willingness, a lot of the time.  And so I prayed to change my mind and go the other way.  If I made one prayer about it, I made a thousand.  

I prayed for a true, authentic and consistent willingness to trust Spirit, to choose Love, and to stop holding myself back and playing small in the sense of being small-minded and petty.

So much of that stinking thinking has faded away and my entire life has changed in every respect as a result of it.  

As a result, I’ve learned so much about the mental and emotional patterns of resistance and reluctance that lead to our sense of failure and stupidity.  

I’m so grateful that we can actually put it behind us.  

These patterns CAN be healed and our life blooms like a flower when that happens.  

Prayer works. Willingness works.

This is one of the key things we shift in my year-long Masterful Living Program.  

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