Opening to The Flow of Abundance

February 7, 2022

We can let Abundance flow like a river in our life, as it’s meant to do!

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I’ve watched this Power of Love Ministry grow and grow and serve many thousands of people around the world over the last 12 years.  Our success is because of the foundation.  We’re following Spirit’s guidance.  We’re giving freely.  We share about giving and being generous of heart and Spirit.  

One of my favorite lines in all of Shakespeare comes from my favorite play of all time which is Romeo and Juliet.  The line is from the beautiful balcony scene when Juliet and Romeo declare their love for each other and Juliet says 

“My generosity to you is as limitless as the sea, 

and my love is as deep. 

The more love I give you, 

the more I have. 

Both loves are infinite.”

This is how Love feels to me, it’s without condition, without reservation.  Love is infinite generosity.  Love is boundless givingness.  

A Course in Miracles tells us “To have, give all to all.”  In ACIM, Jesus tells us this is where the Holy Spirit begins our lessons – we must learn to give, for we have already received EVERYTHING.  

The most fundamental practice of Prosperity and Abundance is to not hoard anything, and to not entertain limitation and lack.

Don’t entertain the thoughts if you don’t wish to have the experience of them.  Give them ALL to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing.  Do it many times per day.  

Spirit doesn’t know what limitation is because it’s not real.  

Lack doesn’t exist in our eternal nature.  

We’ve made it up and that’s why we see it. 

The basis of our lack and limitation is withholding.  The more I give Love the more I have EVERYTHING.  I don’t think about lack and limitation anymore, but I used to think about it CONSTANTLY and I worried all the time about how to pay my bills.

Spirit taught me to give the stinking thinking away to the One who can heal it.  I did and it has changed my life.  It’s still part of my daily practice.

Spiritual practice is all day.  It’s in everything.  It’s in how I wash my body in the shower, with gentleness and tenderness.  It’s in the way I eat my food with mindfulness.  It’s in the way I bless everyone in the line at the bank.  It’s our whole life.  

Prosperity is our nature.  Abundance is our inheritance, but if we hoard it and withhold Love, we won’t ever know it.  

We can let Abundance flow like a river in our life, as it’s meant to do!

Let’s release the blocks to Love and start over every moment.  Spirit is always new, never-changing, perfect Love.  That is what we truly are.  Now is the moment for us to practice and give thanks that we can begin again.

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