Peace IS The Way

February 26, 2022

Peace in our mind, Peace in our time.

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Thich Nhat Hanh taught us that “there is no way to Peace, Peace IS the way.”

Peace is God’s way.

Peace is the way of the spiritual student.  We all know this to be true, and yet, sometimes, we’re not so peaceFULL.

In order for there to be Peace in the world, in Russia, in the Ukraine, in the Middle East, or anywhere else in this world there first has to be Peace in our mind, and then in our heart, and then it travels right round the world to all of our brothers and sisters.

I worked in the Peace movement and went to many demonstrations for years.  What I saw was that many protestors were not peaceful.  I sense that, like me, they were drawn to work for Peace precisely because they didn’t feel peaceful inside.

I’ve since come to realize that making my own Peace a priority really does bring benefit to everyone.

First and foremost, I’ve learned to be extremely patient – not that I’m 100% patient at all times in all situations, I’m not – yet.  I’m on my way.

People often comment on how patient I am.  I’ve truly learned that the reward of patience IS patience.  I like being peaceful.  I really like staying in a peaceful and harmonious state and then being able to share that peace with others to help uplift and recalibrate them.

Peace is a practice.  It’s a spiritual practice and we can achieve and maintain it.  Peace is our natural state.  It’s UN-natural for us to be upset.  All upset is the result of believing things that aren’t true.  It’s not our nature to entertain thoughts that aren’t in alignment with truth.

We can use upset as the trigger to remember to align with truth. And that practice is deeply healing.

Making Peace in ourselves the priority is the best gift we can share with others.  We have everything we need right now.  It’s pre-installed and we’re pre-approved.  Let’s go for it!

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