Recognizing Our Teachers

February 10, 2022

Bodhi loves to play in the snow. Winter sunsets can be stunning.

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I am so grateful for the teaching of truth that have lit my path.  The truth is so very precious to me because I have used it like a wedge to open up my mind, and my heart and change my life forever.

I am grateful to every teacher I had, whether I appreciated it at the time or not.  Whether they were in my home, my workplace, my church, or the grocery store.

Everywhere I go there are teachers.

MY teachers.

I’m preparing for my workshop this Sunday on Releasing Resistance and Reluctance and I’m thinking a lot about this topic and the subtle ways that resistance shows up in our life, many that we don’t even recognize because we don’t have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  

I’m interested in being able to root out the resistance and reluctance.  I’m not interested in that anymore.  I’m no longer playing that game.  I’m interested in waking up to the truth of life and being present with the presence.

When we think our problems are outside of us, happening TO us, instead of BY us, then we’re engaging in a reluctance to see what’s actually happening and what’s REAL.  Love is Real and Love would not punish us or cause us to suffer, only lack of Love does that.

It’s so valuable to ALWAYS know that all difficulties are here to help us to remember to choose Love.  To remember to choose higher.  We’re never being punished, always being supported.

Life has a great Love for us.  

And that’s the only thing that we’re resisting.

We can put an end to that.  Our willingness is all that’s required.

One thing we can do to shift things is to practice gratitude all day long.

Let’s recognize our teachers all around us and give thanks for them.

Let’s bless them and open our hearts to what they’re calling our attention to.

My puppy Bodhi is a constant teacher to me and I give thanks for her.  

Other people in my life are sometimes difficult teachers to me, but still, I give thanks for them.

Some of the most challenging people are the very best teachers.  

We can open our hearts to love them all even if we don’t like what they do.

SUNDAY WORKSHOP – February 13 – Releasing Resistance & Reluctance a workshop on zoom.  Here’s a great way to shift the energy of this new year and bring on a breakthrough that lasts!  Do you have issues with holding yourself back?  Does trust and faith seem to elude you?  Shift your thinking and you’ll change your experience.  Come join me and we’ll do it together!

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