Self-Perception and Self-Love

February 19, 2022

Heaven is at hand.

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I’ve experienced some extraordinary relationship healing in my life and I’m so very grateful.  For me, there’s been nothing more upsetting to me than the difficulties in my relationships.  They have challenged me to the core of my being.  I’m so glad that I learned that this is precisely what relationships are for.

I’ve learned not to walk away from a difficult relationship.
I’ve learned to never give up on myself or anyone else.

Instead, I’ve come to absolutely know that the thing to do is to give it UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for miraculous healing.  This method works, but that doesn’t make it easy.  Whenever we’re triggered it’s challenging.  Triggers help us to identify when it’s an opportunity to eliminate an old pain patterns.

Relationship attachments can be like an alien parasite.  It makes me think of the terrifying movie, Aliens with Sigourney Weaver (LOVE her!).  Remember when the member of the crew was on the operating table and the alien exploded out of his belly?  I went through a period where I was undoing the ego at such a rapid rate that I felt that I was pregnant with an alien baby terrorist that was trying to eat me alive from the inside.  

It’s that feeling when the third chakra is going through such an intense cleansing.  The third chakra, at the solar plexis, is all about our self-perception.  When we’re perceiving ourselves as the ego, the small, selfish self, then it’s a constant battle with an inner terrorist.  We’ll project it outward into ALL of our relationships and never feel self.

When we’re projecting it outward we’ll think someone else is the problem, but if we’re the one who is upset, it’s our thinking that is the problem.  And that’s a GREAT thing and here’s why:  

Wouldn’t you rather have your THOUGHT be the problem then thinking it’s YOU or THEM?
Thoughts aren’t people, they’re just thoughts.
How can we really be mad at a thought?
Thoughts have no power unless we choose to think them!
We have the power to decide not to think the thought that upsets us.
And we have the power to decide to let the Higher Holy Spirit Self take the errant thought out of our mind FOREVER.

Our willingness is required.
We choose the thoughts we think, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we’re willing to shift identification to the Higher Holy Spirit Self, then we can begin to see clearly what every relationship is for.  Then, we can have holy relationships.  It’s intensely challenging, but THANK GOD we don’t have to figure out HOW to make it all happen.  

We only have to allow.  

Now is the time we’re all learning about Self-Love – Self with a capital S. 

This is the curriculum, and we can delay, we can avoid, but we’ll still have to do the curriculum eventually.  Let’s get to it!  Heaven is at hand!

The best way to get to it is really focus on loving yourself IN all of your relationships.  

If you’d like some relationship support – check out my A Course in Miracles podcast – there are SO MANY episodes on relationship!  Act now, and you can have them all!

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