Today I AM Victorious In Love!

February 15, 2022

We’re choosing victory in Love!

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When someone has a problem with obsessive, compulsive behavior or avoidance they’ll often use will power to make a change.  Will power is part of a plan of behavior modification that can be a helpful start when we’re feeling out of control, but it doesn’t heal the root cause of the behavior.  

All healing is at the level of the mind – NOT at the level of behavior.

If we don’t feel worthy of miraculous permanent healing, we might settle for will power.

For true spiritual healing we look to the mind for causation.  There’s a false belief at the root cause of every issue.  Most problems are an expression of belief in lack.  How can will power heal a belief in lack?  It cannot. 

The healing we’re looking for comes from opening to giving and receiving the Love that’s restorative and healing.  

We resort to will power when we feel spiritually weak.  Will power is a function of the personality and is born of a sense of separation and lack. 

Willingness is the willingness to choose Love, and to follow Spirit’s guidance. 

Our willingness is ALL that’s required to have true and lasting transformation.

It seems so simple and, quite frankly, too easy, but neither is accurate.

When we’re craving, needing and wanting to satisfy that compulsion, we’re feeling deprived.  The real craving is for union with Spirit.  

In that moment of craving, we don’t have a connection with Spirit that lets us know we’re fully loved and held in perfect wholeness.  That knowing of our perfection is missing from our awareness.

How could will power ever heal that?

How could will power ever even satiate the craving for unity for one second?

It cannot. 

But even a little bit of willingness is instantaneous joining with Spirit, and that’s where our true and lasting healing is – in remembering our union with God.

Today I am willing to choose Love!  

Today I am victorious in Love!

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