We Already Have Love

February 2, 2022

Love is our healer.

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When we believe our Peace and happiness depend upon what’s happening in the world, we’re in a great learning opportunity. The ego mind, the false, selfish and small-self, has an endless needing, wanting, craving that can never be fulfilled. The ego thought system is entirely predicated on a belief in lack, in not having, in never-ending limitation.  That’s what makes it so easy to recognize as different from Spirit.

The ego thoughts are repeatedly telling us that there’s something missing and something we MUST GET it in order to feel Peace.  It’s not true, will never be true, and that’s precisely why it’s so upsetting to believe it.

For me, the best answer to this endless craving and grasping is DISSOLVE the craving, through facing it and telling it the truth. I like to think of the negativity as dissolving and RESOLVING. It’s being healed through the application of Love. Love IS wisdom.

Love is our healer.

We learn to use our awareness to REALIZE that we have already been given the “kingdom consciousness” and it’s living in that AWARENESS of Love that brings TOTAL fulfillment.

When we’re in the flow of Love, there’s no wanting, no craving, no grasping, we have Love which is ALL that’s REAL. 

Whether we believe it or not, we already have Love, we are Love, and Love is all.  When we KNOW this is true then, and only then, all sense of lack dissolves.  And the appearance of lack disappears.  

Consider how hard we work to try to change the world.  Yet, when we’re focused on recognizing that we’re already perfect, and Love is all that we are, hard work is no longer necessary.  Right?  Then we can manifest what we desire when we desire it.

Everything we think we want is a contrivance of the ego. It’s smoke and mirrors to distract us from choosing Love. And boy, does it work well! 

At least, it SEEMS to work well until we actually DECIDE that Love is what we’re interested in. 

Trying to satiate the ego is like eating Chinese food. 
You’ll only feel full for a while.  
Choose Love in order to FEEL fulfilled forever! 
Choose Love and say “bye bye” to regrets, say “ciao” to grasping and craving.  

This shift is the shift we make because we Love ourselves too much to allow ourselves to suffer.  Simply choosing Love to lead us and guide us in each moment gives us the clear direction we long for.  Nothing else will satisfy because nothing else is true.

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