Accepting Our Holiness

March 4, 2022

Our nature is wholly innocent and holy!

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One of the clear messages of A Course in Miracles is that, regardless of what’s happened in our life experience, our innocence and our holiness is intact, and they’re unassailable.

In order for us to have the full realization of this simple truth, we must cease and desist in trying to become more holy, more pure, more lovable.  It’s not necessary.  It won’t work.  And, it only affirms that we believe we’re not there yet.

For years I would daily remind myself that I don’t have to work to be holy, because I’m already as holy as holy can be.  

People often ask me where I got that quote from ACIM, but it didn’t come from the big blue book.  It came from reading the “I need do nothing” section in the Text, Chapter II, Section VIII.  

Many of us are invested in trying to become holy and that actually delays our progress.  It delays the simple acceptance of our holiness.

The only thing that blocks the Light of my holiness is a belief that I’m not already perfect – or that someone else isn’t already perfect.

I’m interested in shining my Light and not blocking it.  

It can seem hard to believe, but all of our judgments and opinions about other people are really our own fears and upsets about ourselves projected outwards onto others.  I feel like this has been the story of my life – until recent years.

A Course in Miracles tells us that all forgiveness is self-forgiveness.  All judgment is self-judgment projected outwards.  It might seem like it can’t hurt you to judge someone in a magazine, someone who is so far from your own life.  In truth, no one is far from us because we’re one with each other.  

Our opportunity to have amazing, miraculous healing, expansion, transformation and release is always with us and available if we choose it.  Love is the way.  There is no other way.

When it feels SO hard to drop the judgment this is the time when we can have the most miraculous healing if we’re willing.  I love knowing that the breakthrough is so close when it seems so hard.  When it feels hardest, that’s when I stick to my loving intention and don’t let go!

We call forth our healing through our willingness.  Our desire is a powerful force.  Our desire truly is the Love of God shining through our heart!  We can set ourselves free at any moment by choosing Love.  Let’s go for it!

Let’s accept our holiness and stand in the Light that we already are.

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  1. John Karn says:

    ❤️🙏 – I listen to these prayers and read these messages every day. Thank you!

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