Ask and It Will Be Given

March 10, 2022

We have questions.

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In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us “ask and it is given, because it already has been given.”

Everything we could ask for that’s real, has already been given.  We’ve been given the Peace, Joy, Freedom, Love, Wholeness, Harmony, Prosperity, Clarity, Beauty, Wisdom, Abundance, Purity and every other spiritual quality, in their fullness.  

Our Creator has already given us the full load.

Nothing has been held back from us.

Now, in this world of ours, when we’re identified with ego, a separate self, a small, and often selfish, self, then we will experience life through the lens of lack and limitation.  However, in Spirit there’s no such thing as lack or limitation.  

They don’t exist.  They are concepts, not Reality.

We don’t see what is really there, we see what we’re looking with – projection.

When we believe in lack, we’ll see it, whether it’s there or not, and if we do experience it, then it’s because we believe in it.  That’s the only way that we can experience it in this world – we have to believe in it.

In talking with many people, especially as a teacher and counselor, many people tell me they aren’t sure what to do about something.  It could be a relationship, finances, health, or any other thing.  I generally don’t advise people what to do, but invite them to ask Spirit, their Higher Holy Spirit Self, the Knower Who Knows.

If we sincerely would like to know what the highest and best choice is, it will be made plain.  

Let’s make sure we’re asking the most helpful questions.

“What’s wrong with me?” It’s a question, but it’s not helpful, and it’s a judgment.

“Why can’t I do anything right?”  Again, not a helpful question, really, it’s just a judgment.

“What’s the highest and best choice for me now?”  That’s a helpful question.

When I turn something over and ask Spirit to guide me, I ask for the highest and best choice to be made plain, clear and unmistakable.  

I’ve learned to follow it even if doesn’t make sense to me.  That’s what trust is.  The practice of trust reveals and strengthens faith.  

Faith is the most important ability I have.  I kid you not.  I value it above all else.

I’d like to have a perfect faith and I’m developing that.  

It’s the faith that can literally move mountains and I’m cultivating it.  

When you think about what i’d like to have, instead of thinking about things in this world, such as a new car, I’d like to be restored to all of my spiritual gifts and talents.  I’d like to have a fully open mind and an open heart.  I’d like to know what things are for.  I’d like to recognize that everything is neutral.  

I pray to keep my attention on what really matters.  

What kind of car I have doesn’t matter that much – as long as it has 4 wheel drive for when the snow is deep here in Vermont!  And room for Bodhi in the back!

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  1. Tedd Swartz says:

    Thanks Jennifer 🧡

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