Ego Beliefs Have No Substance

March 25, 2022

Let’s be the two or more gathered in the name and nature of Love!

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I’m getting ready to offer my Challenge to End Self-Sabotage starting tomorrow, Saturday, (first week is free – register now!) and I’m very excited about it because it’s been so helpful to so many in releasing the habits of pain and shame.  

No pain no gain is understandable in exercising.  I’ve experienced the benefits of learning how to tell beneficial pain in a workout and pain that is a signal that there’s damage occurring.

When we’re having a spiritual workout – repatterining and recalibrating to a more loving life, there can seem to be the pain of going contrary to the ego’s thought patterns.  That can seem excruciating on a mental and emotional level.  I’ve experienced a lot of that.

I honestly never thought my struggle with self-medication and self-sabotage would or could end.  It seemed so much a part of who I was and how I lived.  To me, it’s a miracle that all that is done and overweigh.  

I can remember times when I would feel so compelled to self-medicate, already feeling and knowing that it would take me to an even darker place than I was already in.  I had so much self-judgment and yet I felt I couldn’t stop myself and I didn’t want to.  I just felt this was the best choice I could find in that moment.  

What a place to be.  

I spent a lot of time there.

I’m continuously asking Spirit how I can be more helpful to people.

Basically, I really don’t care that much about what I teach as long as it’s related to spiritual living.

The topic doesn’t matter at all.  I’ll share something and I’ll learn something and also receive a healing in the process.  It’s always good for me.  

So, it came to me that it would be very helpful to people who are feeling the same sticky stuckness and that I used to feel about self-medication and self-sabotage.

Did you know that the purpose of self-sabotage is to slow down your spiritual growth?  That’s right!

A lot of times, when I would feel most compulsive about self-medicating it was when I had just done something that was really high vibration.  I couldn’t stand it.  I felt I had to bring my vibration down, but I didn’t even know it.

That’s one of the reasons why I like to do longer retreats.  It gives people an opportunity to maintain the higher vibration and recalibrate to a higher level.  It really works!  A lot of healing happens this way.  And the same with a longer program where we can stay immersed.

For me, studying spiritual principle, just talking about it and reading about it, that’s not healing.  

Information isn’t liberating, KNOWING the truth is.  

One time I was at a yoga class and the teacher was saying that everybody has a lot of pain.  My thought was, that’s not me anymore.  I see a lot of people around me healing that pain and moving on from it.

Yes, I have issues I’m working on, but they’re not painful to me.  

I have minor frustrations and irritations.  There are things that I wish were different, but there’s no pain around any of it.  I am so grateful that all of the energy that I’ve put into looking within, working with the Higher Holy Spirit Self, the angels and Ascended Masters has all paid off.   26 years of praying with prayer partners has brought so many breakthroughs.

We don’t have to suffer.  Suffering is optional.  

We can release the causes of pain, for real!  Let’s do everything we can to demonstrate this to the world and live a pain free life!  

Are you in?

JUMP IN: my Challenge to End Self-Sabotage.  is getting ready to start. This is a powerful program to help you release the patterns of self-punishment and self-medication that leave us feeling helpless, hopeless and foolish.  We have a lot of fun and people often experience life-changing shifts.  PLUS, the first week is FREE!  Click here to learn more now!

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