High Vibrational Thoughts

March 2, 2022

Spirit will raise us up if we allow it.

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All spiritual students know that they choose their thoughts and that their thoughts produce experiences, emotions, situations and circumstances. We all know this, right?

We’re choosing our experiences in order to learn from them.  We say we understand it, that we “get it,” and yet, many of us still choose to invest our attention in complaining, criticizing, worrying, blaming and being unkind and unloving. 

And, when we make that choice, then we’re actually letting everyone know that we don’t “get it.”  

We say we know the truth.

But then, by our actions, we clearly don’t.

What’s that about?

In my experience, it’s about not really being willing to choose Love.  

Love is a choice for faith and trust.  The opposite of that is fear.  It’s worry and doubt.

Ernest Holmes said, “Worry is the negative use of our imagination.”  

It feels intense when we’re afraid and worried – it seems SO REAL.  It’s crippling.

And yet, we’ve all had the experience of a single piece of information completely deflating the whole “reason” for our worry.  The worry disappears instantly when we have a different perspective.

There’s something about being afraid, worried, ashamed, and feeling bad that seems so familiar.  

We actually recreate it BECAUSE it seems so familiar.  

The familiar feels comfortable because it feels like we know what it is.  

Choosing the high vibrational thoughts of Abundance, Prosperity and Opulence will bring unfamiliar experience – TO THE EGO.

The Spirit, our true, Higher Holy Spirit Self knows ONLY that high vibration of Love and Beauty and will not feel threatened by it in any way.

Only the ego feels threatened by Perfection.  

Why are we listening to the ego?  Old patterns.

Being caught in an old pattern is like being a fly caught in the spider’s web. We struggle for a moment and then give up and let the ego devour us.  

Yet, there’s a way to avoid being caught in the web – and that’s making loving choices, and having high vibrational thoughts. It works. We have choices. We can train ourselves to remember to choose Love.  It’s easier than we think!

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