I Acted Like A Jerk

March 19, 2022
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Even her tongue is muddy!

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I remember one time I was in a store, or maybe an airport, someplace where I was being helped by someone who worked there.  I don’t remember the details, but something went completely wrong and I didn’t get the result I went there for.  At the end of the transaction, the person behind the counter who was helping me said, “don’t let it ruin your day.”

It stopped me in my tracks.

At that time, the idea that I would let something – anything – ruin my day, was a bygone possibility.  

Sure, I get annoyed and frustrated with the stuff of life, but I long ago realized that I have a choice to be bothered or not.  I choose not to.

But, I remember all too well that I used to let things ruin my day, and ruin my life.  

I was moody.

And I took my moods out on other people.  

I acted like a jerk.

I had to forgive myself for all of that, because I felt very guilty and ashamed for it.  

And now, because of my spiritual practice, and my self-forgiveness, I don’t need to do that anymore.

I don’t feel moody for more than a few minutes.  As soon as I fall into a lower vibration, I feel it, and I transform the energy back to Peace.  

Peace is where I live now.  And that’s what I wish for everyone.  

It’s truly possible.  I didn’t believe it until it happened.  

I saw that I was choosing NOT to be peaceful.

I was choosing to be moody.

I was choosing to take things personally.

I had learned to live that way.

The unlearning became possible when I made the commitment to be truly willing.

I’m thinking of this now because spring is almost here in Vermont.  We will still be getting snow into May, but now we’re having warmer days and melting snow has made for muddy days and that means my puppy Bodhi will go out of the house looking clean and beautiful and come home looking like she does in the picture above.

Even her tongue is muddy!

And what’s great is – it doesn’t bother me.  She’s having fun.  She’s enjoying life.  That’s what life is for.  I can clean her off and I don’t need to have my day, my minute, my hour or any part of my experience, ruined.  All is well.

That is the Peace of God.  It’s a choice.  It’s a minute by minute choice that gets easier and easier.

Spiritual practice is the way!

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One Response to “I Acted Like A Jerk”

  1. Detta says:

    Love that Bodi dog.
    He knows how Not too get upset.
    Just Dig. Get your nose dirty.

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