I am willing to end all war

March 13, 2022

Bodhi and I both love a snowy day and we surely got one yesterday - this picture was taken in the early morning when the snow was just beginning!

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On my spiritual path I’ve experienced something you probably have too.  I’ve had times when I suddenly had a realization of the truth that I’ve believed I’ve known all along.

Here’s an example:  For years and years I heard and read and even taught that our thoughts, words, and beliefs manifest as our experience.  

I believed it to be true, but I didn’t actually KNOW it.  

I didn’t know that I didn’t know it because I believed it.  

I was convinced of it, but I didn’t KNOW it.

How could I have been able to realize that I didn’t KNOW it?  

Simple.  Had I actually known that my words and thoughts produced my experience I wouldn’t have been so careless of my thoughts and words.

Then, one day I had the realization that if I actually did KNOW what I thought I believed about the immutable Law of Cause and Effect then I wouldn’t make MANY of the choices that I was making.  

I was making choices to say and do things that were generating an effect in my life that I didn’t like and I was blaming that effect on others.  No responsibility, only blame.

If I truly KNEW the truth about the Law of Cause and Effect, I wouldn’t have been blaming others for anything.  

Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind taught us that “healing doesn’t take time.  The only time it takes to have a healing is the time that it takes to have a realization [of truth].  This teaching from Holmes has been invaluable to me.  

In my classes and programs, people frequently tell me that they’ve had a sudden realization about something that they thought they knew.  They’ve heard it a thousand times, and they believed it to be true, but until that moment they didn’t really KNOW it and they didn’t realize that they didn’t know it until the moment that they did.

For example “we’re all one.”  

Yes, many of us believe it.  But we don’t know it until we ACT as though it is true.  Until we are willing to stop blaming and attacking others, withholding Love and compassion from others, then we don’t know it – it’s just a belief.

When we have that feeling of finally KNOWING the truth – it’s a healing.

In ACIM, that’s what Jesus tells us is a miracle.

A belief is a great place for us to begin.

But we must aspire to truly knowing the truth.

Knowing the truth is our spiritual liberation from the cause of all suffering.

All suffering is caused by our false beliefs, projections and attachments to both.

When we delude ourselves with our false beliefs and hold onto the blame, the attack thoughts, the withholding of Love and compassion we are sabotaging our spiritual awakening.  As a result, we will attack ourselves in many different ways because we feel ashamed and guilty – even if we don’t realize it.  

When we feel ashamed and guilty we’ll deny ourselves the opportunities to give and receive Love, kindness, compassion, caring, Beauty, Joy, Freedom and so much more because we don’t feel worthy of them.  And so we’ll fall into a vicious cycle that can only be broken by being truly loving and connecting with Spirit, with Source.

When we’re living a life of self-sabotage, and when we keep much of it a secret from others, we only intensify our feelings of unworthiness.  We start to feel like a fake.  We begin to believe that our spiritual path is a sham because we’re hiding what we’re doing from others.  

I lived that way for a long time.  I didn’t know how to get out of the repeating cycles.  

Forgiveness, Love and gratitude are the things that I used to leverage myself out of my own personal prison cell of false beliefs.  

Now, I KNOW that I know and the path feels clear and easy to me – easier with every passing day.

There is a way to end all personal hell as well as all war and violence in the world.

They are the same methods.  

It really does start with willingness.  

It’s the willingness to lay down our attack thoughts, and to simply practice what Jesus teaches us in A Course in Miracles.  

For so long, I said I had the willingness, but I really didn’t.  

I had so many opportunities to simply be loving and kind and I let them pass me by.

I harbored attack thoughts all day long.

Now, I am willing to end all wars by being loving.

That’s the only thing that can end all wars.  

Compassion – for ourselves and others, that’s the method and the answer.  When we work together, we’re the two or more gathered in the name and the nature of Love and the Power of Christ is with us.  

What could be more interesting or exciting than that?

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