I Follow My Guidance

March 28, 2022
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I’ve come to learn that being obedient to my guidance really works well for me.

For so long I was a rebel and didn’t wish to do anything someone told me to do.  I’d even rebel against my own higher intelligence, just so I could be defiant and be the boss of me.  Well, that’s the crazy logic of the ego.  It’s not logical.  And it’s also not fun.

So many people would like to have more fun, more Joy, more Love and laughter in their lives, but they’re too busy trying to figure out better managing and coping strategies and that was me.  When we operate on our own, thinking we have to do it all for ourselves, then life is much harder. But we’re the ones who’re making it that way, and we can change our minds.

I would pray for guidance and then reject it.  It’s not that I did this from time to time.  This was a daily occurrence for me.  That’s how intense and  defiant my rebellious personality was.

The very thought of putting my Higher Holy Spirit Self in charge was scary.  As it is for most people.  Sometimes in a class or counseling session I’ll suggest that people work with the affirmation “thy will be done.” Most people cringe at the thought of it.  

We don’t wish to put Spirit in charge because we fear it’ll mean the loss of everything we enjoy.  The opposite is true.  It means the loss of fear, worry and doubt – but you won’t know it until you choose it.  

It requires a leap of faith.

Why pray for Love, support and guidance and then continuously reject it?  When we do that, it’s like proving that we’re not worthy of a good life.  That’s the message we’re sending ourselves when we refuse to actually accept the answered prayer.

It may seem odd that accepting the answered prayer, and following the guidance would be what obedience is all about, but I’ve found that it is.  It’s not that spirit is ordering me around.  Spirit isn’t separate from me.

The guidance is from the Higher Holy Spirit SELF, not separate.

I’m being obedient to my own actual desire for happiness when I follow my intuition.

It takes courage and willingness to follow our guidance, but it really does lead to a much happier life and a life without fear.  And, to me, that’s worth it.

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  1. Tedd Swartz says:

    Thanks Jennifer,
    You are the best at explaining how the wind moves the clouds to reveal the sun has and will always be there!🌞

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