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March 3, 2022

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I’ve been talking with many people, particularly folks who are in my Masterful Living Program, and we’re all experiencing many of the effects of our awakening spiritual practices.  What I notice is that all of humanity is experiencing the effects of the massive consciousness shifts that are happening around the world as people everywhere are CHOOSING to wake up and be more loving.

It’s true, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

Around the world, our hearts are opening as never before.  Look at the outpouring for Ukraine.  Look at the courage of the Russian people, and the Ukrainians.  We’re opening our hearts in compassion for others, even the people of Russia who are sending their beloved family members into battle for a cause that is made up.  They’ve been told that the war is to fight nazism in Ukraine. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine, is Jewish.

Russian entertainers and sports figures, people who have a higher profile are risking their lives to speak up against war.  People are demonstrating in the street, knowing that it could easily lead to their torture and death.  That’s courage.  

Women and men who are teachers and store clerks and all kinds of professions are choosing to learn how to be soldiers to defend their homeland.  

More and more, in this world, we’re seeing people who are willing to dedicate themselves to helping others, even at great personal cost.  We’ve seen this in the floods and fires in the USA in recent years.  Where volunteers set out to help, only because their neighbors – who they may not know at all – are in need of help.

THINK OF THIS: The death of Princess Di and Mother Teresa within 2 weeks put a global focus on living a life of service and representing that divine feminine energy.  All of a sudden, people all over the world were motivated to rise up and be of service in their community and carry on that legacy of loving service.  I remember how that inspiration swept through all kinds of people who, through the tragic death of Princess Di and then the passing of Mother Teresa, started to contemplate living a life of giving and serving.  For many it was a big wake up call.

Events such as the September 11 terrorist attack made us look at our own inner terrorist activities.  People all over the world were motivated to reach out and connect with loved ones that they had disconnected from.  Suddenly people felt a strong motivation to forgive and forget and become more present in the loving now and harvest the opportunities for healing.

Horrifying events such as school massacres have made us take a look at the effects of antidepressants and look more deeply into the medicating of our children.  People started realizing that the TV, however convenient, does not provide adequate child care.

Devastating financial events through the mercenary actions of a few in the banking industry, wall street and the manufacturers that supply the war machine – their choices that made themselves rich have created a financial devastation for many – forcing us all to begin to wake up and realize that we have placed a value on money above the heart.   Those who are willing to forgive are finding their way back to prosperity and abundance.  The ancient teaching to “seek first the kingdom, which is within, and all else WILL be added unto you” is being taught on a massive scale.

Mother earth has helped us to wake up with her earthquakes, hurricanes, tidal waves and fires.   The gulf oil spill was a vivid demonstration of our apathy about Mother Earth and her precious resources and wildlife.  We saw so clearly how our own need and greed for oil without due respect for the Earth who provides, can cost us our way of life and much of what we treasure.

Everything, all events and circumstances, all situations and occurrences are the projection of our minds.  That’s how this world works.  Our Higher Holy Spirit Self, the great I AM Presence is guiding us to wake up.

Each one of us, most days, goes into a bodily sleep state from which we awake.  We can choose, each day, will we go to sleep when we feel tired and know it’s the perfect time?  Will we push ourselves to do or accomplish more and more?  Will we stay up late self-medicating just because we have a habit of self-sabotage?  Will we wake up with a violent alarm clock bleating by our bed?  Will we rise with the birds and the sun?  Will we wake up when the body is rested and the spirit is ready? 

Each day we choose again and again.

We’re all waking up.  Some are waking with the sound of the birds and the rising light in our awareness.  Some of us are hearing alarms going off and being frightened awake.  We CAN choose which we prefer.  Still, we ARE waking up.  

The alarm will continue to go off and get louder and louder for those who persist in staying asleep and the alarms take many forms.  Physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, jobs, finances, wherever we have attachments we are already feeling the alarm.

Whatever is happening in YOUR life, you can tell what you’re choosing by how you feel each day.  If you don’t like how it feels, you can change it.  Your choices will change your experiences.

We can be inspired by what others are choosing and then become the inspiration for someone else.

Let’s rise up now!

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