Stop Going It Alone

March 30, 2022

I took a picture of this tree stump I saw in Sedona a few years ago - signs are everywhere!

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It’s so tempting to think thoughts like, “I’m on my own.  I have to do it all for myself.  There’s no one who can really help me.  I have to figure this all out.  It’s all on me.” And on and on – the litany of separation thoughts.  

I can see now that, although it was painful, there was such a strong attraction to believing that I had to do it all for myself because I’m on my own with no one to help me.

One of the most helpful things I can offer to folks in my classes and programs at the Power of Love Ministry is an awareness that most of the time they are not aligned with Spirit.  And that’s how I was.

Think of this – I could be studying spiritual principle all day, and still not be aligned with the Divine.  

I could literally be in an all day class, but still be operating from the perspective of believing I was separate, and on my own.  

What a shift it is to open to receive all the support Spirit has for us.

It’s a complete and total game changer.

All we have to do is being will to allow and receive.  That’s not so hard. 

I invite you to listen to my podcast this week if this is your issue.  I’ve really healed it to a large degree and I’m going for total healing!

Life is SO much easier now.  I feel loved and cherished in this world, from the invisible and the visible, and it’s all because I decided to Partner UP and to realize that when I don’t feel good, I’ve dropped that partnership and I can go right back to my Partner, Spirit.

We make things much harder for ourselves.  I sure did.  I’m done with that.  

I’m not interested in going it alone.

I’m interested in going with Spirit, and YOU!

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  1. Patience Taiye Enuwe says:

    Yes I willing to Partner up with Spirit.

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  • Related Posts:

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