The Power of Thought

March 16, 2022

We can use our thoughts to create something beautiful and pure.

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The world can engage us in grievances, but we can rise above that battlefield.  In our Masterful Living classes and Forgive & Be Free video workshops this past year people had major breakthroughs, by looking at all their relationship needs and wants and transforming them in their hearts and minds from things that they felt were lacking, thing that they felt they needed into things they’d like and into the deep desires of their heart.

When we’re holding onto a grievances about something in our relationship, chances are, we’re energizing that there’s a lack and a limitation.  

If we’re pouring our thought and emotion into something whether we’d like it to be manifest or to stop manifesting, it will keep it going.  Jesus warns us about this in A Course in Miracles, in the Fear and Conflict section in Chapter II: (I’ve reformatted this paragraph so that it stands out more)  

Everyone experiences fear.  Yet it would take very little right thinking to realize why fear occurs.  Few appreciate the real power of the mind, and no one remains fully aware of it all the time.  However, if you hope to spare yourself from fear there are some things you must realize, and realize fully.  

The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. 
It never sleeps.  
Every instant it is creating.  

It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.  

It appears at first glance that to believe such power about yourself is arrogant, but that is not the real reason you do not believe it.  

You prefer to believe that your thoughts cannot exert real influence because you are actually afraid of them.  

This may allay awareness of the guilt, but at the cost of perceiving the mind as impotent.  If you believe that what you think is ineffectual you may cease to be afraid of it, but you are hardly likely to respect it.  

There are no idle thoughts.  

All thinking produces form at some level.  T-2.VI.9. 

This is one of the major keys to understanding this world and our experience of it and particularly our relationships!

Every thought we believe and choose to think has the full creative power of God.

That thought we’re thinking, the one where we think someone SHOULD be different or do something differently, that thought is an attack thought and choosing to think it leaves us feeling guilty for attacking our brother and for attacking God.  

This kind of thinking is what the illusion of separation is built out of.  Hence the guilt.

We are feeling helpless, hopeless, frightened, guilty, ashamed, jealous, hurt, angry, depressed, resentful, regretful, annoyed, disappointed, freaked out, worried and more ALL because of thoughts like this.  

And that’s why forgiving OURSELVES is the ONLY way out of this ego hell.  This is the entire reason I feel so grateful and so compelled to be able to teach the classes I do – because people get real and lasting results.  People actually get out of that hell they made and they stop looking back.  

Instead of staying in the repeating cycles, they invest that energy into supporting everyone in their life in realizing that there is a great Love that we can all live more fully and completely.  Hallelujah!  Heaven IS at hand!  Hell isn’t real!

We all have the Holy Spirit correcting us, leading us, guiding us and teaching us all of the time.

We don’t need our loved ones to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Instead, let’s all join together in loving ourselves and each other. Appreciation and kindness, Love and compassion, these are the ways of Wisdom and release from suffering. We can practice them now. There’s an unlimited supply and there’s no extra charge!

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  1. mike says:

    see post on Facebook. Thought has 3 components-type, energy and mode.

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