Where Does Your Mind Go?

March 22, 2022

Holy space invaders, Batman! There’s a squirrel on the deck!!!

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Yesterday, Bodhi and I had 3 examples of situations that were challenging and I had a chance to see where my mind went with them.

#1  I found a tick on Bodhi.  First of the season.  I found it early morning, right before my yoga class.  Naturally, I wished to remove it ASAP, and so I needed the special tick remover tools to do that in the best way possible.  I couldn’t find them.  So, I decided to wait and take care of it after yoga.  I took a few more hours after that before I could find the tools.  

During the time I was trying to remember where I put the tools, I knew the tick was feeding on Bodhi, but I also trusted my feeling that it was best to wait and remove the tick properly, which I did.  I didn’t worry or feel concerned in the meantime.  

My mind stayed nicely in the zone of “all is well.”

#2 as Bodhi and I returned to the backyard after a long walk, Bodhi spotted a small bird in the yard (we have birds all over the place every day, so this wasn’t unusual) and she ran for it, and actually caught it!  Before I could do anything she had the wee bird in her mouth.  

I ran towards her telling her firmly, “leave it!”  She had the whole bird in her mouth, and she opened her jaw to let it drop to the ground, but then she seemed to realize, “hey!  I just put that bird in my mouth! How cool is that?”  And she picked it up again and ran to me as I was running towards her.  I grabbed her jaw and got her to open it and drop it without crushing it in her mouth.  Phew!  The bird was stunned and just lay there on the ground.  

Bodhi was SO excited, she really wanted to munch on that bird, and maybe just play with it, but I managed to pull her away and get her to come in the house with me.  She weighs 80 lbs now, so sometimes getting her to do something she really doesn’t want to do can be a bit of a challenge.  

During the whole episode, I held in my mind, the bird is fine.  I told myself, “It’s just stunned, it will recover and fly away.”  I kept a watch on it.  We’d left it on it’s back, breathing, heart beating fiercely, but not moving in any other way.  I didn’t want another bigger bird, like a hawk or a crow, to come and snatch it.  After about 5 minutes it was now standing, but not moving otherwise.  And then about 5 to 10 minutes later it was gone.  

I was concerned for the bird, but I wasn’t worried or fearful.  I held only the thought that it will be fine and good.

#3 After teaching my class in the evening I played with Bodhi and then put her out.  I have a long lead for her that runs the length of the yard, and when I bring her in, I put the end of the lead in the house so I can attach it to her collar before I open the door.  I put her out in the backyard as I normally do, but then after about 15 minutes I heard her barking in the front yard.  Wait.  How did she get in the front yard?  

Well, the lead, is attached to the leash that I walk her with, and when I came back from the walk and had the bird encounter, I never put the leash back on the lead, so it wasn’t tethered to anything and Bodhi was free to roam.  She could have taken off after a deer or a rabbit and been LONG gone.  She loves to chase critters.  But, as God would have it, she wandered around to the front yard and the end of the leash got caught in the rocks along the edge of the flower bed out front.  She was stuck and that’s why she barked and I heard her.  

My mind went to gratitude.

How perfect that she wandered into the front yard and got her leash stuck in the rocks so that she couldn’t take off.  We are divinely guided, guarded and protected at all times.

Sometimes my mind does go to what I don’t want, and wouldn’t like, and when it does, I go the other way.  I say, “I’m not interested in that. I’d like (fill in the blank).”

Mind wandering is optional.  I’m extremely grateful that I can practice and improve.  

I didn’t get Bodhi to worry about her.  I got her to enjoy life more, to have fun and to give and receive more Love.  And that’s what’s unfolding!

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  1. Chris Sanders says:

    I loved this story of your day.

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