Fear to Fail

April 22, 2022

When we plan to serve the Light, Spirit ensures our success.

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Feeling stuck, afraid to move forward, is a hard place to be.  I used to have a fear of failure.  It kept me from attempting things that I wished to do.

I see that many are stopped in living their deep heart’s desires because they fear their own failure.

There’s a surefire recipe to avoid failure and it works every time. You are the chef and the main ingredient is God’s Love living through you and as you.  We’re always free to choose “whom” we will serve – God or ego.

The first thing you start with is your goal. What would you like to accomplish?  Let’s say your goal is to have a job you love that pays well. In your recipe, your goal represents the picture of the end result in the cookbook. Your goal is the mental image.

The main ingredient is your desire to serve the light.  

That fire of desire ignites the heart and the Spirit responds.  

Next is your Intention. Make sure your intention is anchored in how you will feel.  For instance: “My intention is to feel prosperous and fulfilled in the work I do.” Our intention must incorporate the spiritual change we intend to make in how we feel or we’ll never FEEL successful. Keep the Divine out and we’ve already failed.

A key ingredient for spiritual success is dedicating the benefits of our fulfilled intention to be shared with everyone, because we’re one with them. Allow yourself to fully embrace the fact that as one is lifted, all are lifted. Here’s your opportunity to INTEND to share the benefits of your expansion with all beings.

My intention is to feel prosperous and fulfilled in the work that I do and share the benefits of my expansion with all beings, because I AM One with them.

Working in this way, we bring the Divine into our heart and mind and God will do the work as long as we stay true to our intention. All are fed by our willingness to multiply the loaves and fishes in our life and release the thought of separation forever. 

Spirit cannot fail, and neither will we.

When we plan to serve the Light, Spirit ensures our success.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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