Giving A Chance

April 10, 2022
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Our new rescue kitty, Sattva, likes to join me and Bodhi in meditation.

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For a lot of my years, insecurities triggered me to behave in unkind ways.  I can remember in my 20’s setting a goal to find some compassion for my brothers and sisters in this world.  It took me years, but I finally got there.  It definitely felt like an uphill climb.

With compassion, came an ever-increasing Peace, and that surprised me.

It took me decades to realize that I was the one who was choosing to be upset and that I could choose Peace.  It was daunting, at first, when I realized that my Peace of mind was up to me.  I had so much blame for others.

Ultimately, I found the cause of my lack of Peace to be entirely of my own making, and it rested solely on my decisions to judge, blame, criticize, attack and defend.  I didn’t HAVE to do any of that.  It was always my free will choice to block my Peace with my crazy thinking.

Along this path, I’ve realized that making Peace a priority requires me to be kind and compassionate.  There’s no Peace without kindness and compassion.  None.  

“There is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.” ~ A.J. Muste

That quote from Muste became even better known by Thich Nhat Hanh’s repeating it.  

Peace IS the way.  It’s the way for us to conduct ourselves and to live the most helpful life we can.

I consciously decided to make Peace, along with kindness and compassion, to be my priorities.  I decided to make being loving, while needing nothing in return, to be my focus.  

I discovered that Peace, Love, kindness and compassion are their own reward.  Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING in my life has changed because of that decision – and because I’ve anchored it in prayer every day for decades.  

In my experience of supporting others in doing the same, I’ve witnessed people healing their bodies, their minds, their emotions, their heart, their finances, their careers, their families and relationships and any other thing that was out of balance in their lives.

In this time when war is raging in the Ukraine, and we’d like to help end that conflict, let us focus on being peaceful, kind, compassionate and loving.  REALLY focus.  

It does require real attention and effort.
It means not being lazy about doing that U-turn when we feel upset.
It means staying in contact with that Higher Holy Spirit Self.

It’s a rigorous practice and it’s worth every bit we put into it.  

Every small effort we make is magnified and multiplied by the Holy Spirit.

BOTTOM LINE:  If we’re not willing to give this practice of Peace all we’ve got – how can we ever expect Putin to go the other way and choose Peace?

If we, as dedicated spiritual students, don’t hold ourselves accountable, how can we hope to inspire anyone else?

And that’s why I’ve learned to focus on spiritual practice regardless of whether I feel like it.  I know the power of it.

If you’re interested, On April 18 I’m starting my Prayer Power class.

I would love to share with you what I’ve learned about HOW to pray effectively and use prayer as a power tool for changing our mind, our life, and to eliminate our blocks to Love.  

If this is the right step for you right now, you will absolutely know it with your heart.  

If you’d like to PROVE GOD with me, I will be so glad to stand with you, because I know that having the proof is the best medicine for a worried mind.  Faith in God is the answer to all worries.  

It may seem impossible, but that’s only for people who put their faith in their own perceptions.  

Willingness is the requirement.  A little or a lot.  I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

Let’s do it together!

TODAY:  Sundays With Spirit, our online service is today.  We have great music from Neda Boin and she’s also our speaker!  Yay!  Please come join us!  Click here to learn more and register if you’re not already.

Please forward this to anyone you know who would find it helpful!

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