In the Direction Of Love

April 18, 2022

Love is what we are.

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I don’t expect my spiritual practice to be perfect in the sense of having it idealized.  Peace is perfect and that’s what I’m interested in.  

I don’t judge myself much anymore.  I practice compassion, and my spiritual practice deepens.  

My aspiration is that my awareness is ever increasing, heart always expanding.  I’m going for awakening to a full realization of the Truth – and that’s perfection.  

Today I choose higher than yesterday, not that I live without falling every single day.  Some moments I can walk as the Bodhisattva.  Some moments I am the Bodhisattva in training.  I no longer feel the slap of my face hitting the ground as I lose my way.  My walk is steadier every day.  This walk is sometimes not easy.  I choose it because love is the only direction I intend to go in.

Love is everything I would like.

And it gets easier every day.  Thank GOD!

In his book, Love Without Conditions, Paul Ferrini reminds us, “Right now, in this moment, you are either listening to the voice of God or you are needlessly enmeshed in your own psychodrama… Let yourself be present to your thoughts and ask: ‘am I aware of God’s unconditional love for me right now.” 

Today, I AM grateful for the awareness of both the subtle and gross differences in this walking the talk.  Today, remember that awareness is curative.  My ability to notice the differences is my treasure, it is the evidence of my increasing awareness and it means so much to because I remember so well the days of my near total blindness.  

Today, our personal practice of nonviolence gives us the ability to be grateful even when we stumble and fall because we can pick ourselves up quickly with a smile and there are many to hold our hand and share with us the triumph of our willingness to rise and to risk the fall again in the next moment.  In all of this experience of life we feel God’s love so strongly.  

I AM grateful.  At last, our walk is a blessing in the world.  I AM a place of healing, awareness ever increasing, heart always expanding.

Together, we choose to have the courage to teach only Love, for that is what we are.

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  1. Mary says:

    Psychodrama, indeed.

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