It’s ALL Helpful

April 9, 2022
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We can be truly helpful, and we can be great receivers of help!

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It takes a genuine willingness to be Joy-FULL to begin to recognize that EVERYTHING is helpful and ALL things work together for good – without exception.  These are some of the most helpful points of A Course in Miracles.  

In the ACIM Manual for Teachers, it even says, “It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful.”   

We’ve had a lot of learning.  We’ve had so much learning through pain and suffering.  We can speed our learning and lessen our lessons through being truly willing to see everything as helpful.  And that’s a great willingness.

I feel deeply grateful to even be willing to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful.  For so many years I thought most things were a giant pain in the butt!  

Now, I’m willing to see that everything I thought was an obstacle was actually helpful.

That’s some pretty good news – unless I choose to see it as a waste.  

I learned through pain and suffering that I don’t like pain and suffering and now that I know I can learn through Joy I choose Joy.  Still, it’s been a recalibration for me and I’m still in it.  I’m still learning to learn through Joy.

Knowing that everything is helpful makes it easier for me to be willing to choose Joy.  

It’s a great gift to myself to go through the past experiences that I labeled bad, wrong, stupid, painful, foolish, and otherwise negative and put a new label HELPFUL! on them.  

Some of them are easier to accept than others.  

This past Thursday was my mother’s birthday.  How could her death be helpful to me?  It seems crazy to say that her illness or passing were helpful to me and yet they were incredibly helpful to me because I learned so much and I healed so much and so did she.  Just because something is helpful doesn’t mean we’re glad it happened.  We can be grateful AND glad for the learning without being glad for the situation.  

The only way I know to get to that place in my mind is through a great willingness.  

I may not know precisely what everything is for, but I can be grateful that it’s ALL helpful.  Therein lies it’s inherent goodness which demonstrates God’s omnipresent goodness.  

Therein lies the GRACE of God.

Becoming aware of the helpfulness of everything, I can open myself to consciously receive that help.

This is a loving practice of receiving God’s Love through everything, everyone and all of life.  This is a living practice of FEELING the Love of Spirit, our heavenly Mother Father God.  It’s a living practice of being connected to the source of the all good.

I AM grateful for everything that can help me to have a more Joy-FULL life of Love.

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  1. Tedd says:

    Thanks Jennifer 💫🧡💫

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