The Guru Is Within

April 4, 2022
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We’re releasing resistance. It’s not our path anymore!

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In my yoga classes I frequently feel called to remind myself, and everyone in class with me, each person we meet is our teacher, but the guru is within.

Have you watched the movie Kumare about the fake guru?  It’s a really interesting documentary (on Netflix) that brings up many great questions about our inner knowing.

We all have a connection to the I AM presence which is our own Higher Holy Spirit Self – the Holy Spirit.  We’re all receiving pristine insight and guidance perfectly designed for us.  We’re receiving this inspiration all of the time.  The thing to ask ourselves is – “am I accepting it.”  

For several years I prayed constantly to accept the guidance I was getting.  I prayed to allow myself to really receive it.  I prayed to listen and follow.  I felt that I had so much resistance and reluctance and I knew I was delaying my joy and awakening.  I was playing small, spiritually.”

The more I increased my spiritual practice, the more I felt my resistance and reluctance falling away.  It wasn’t quick and easy.  I really had to focus on my desire to be aligned with Truth and Love.

In the process, I discovered the inner guru was real.  

There is, within each of us, a knower who knows.

I discovered for myself that I had what it took to commit to this path.

I came to realize that the teaching was written in my heart and in everyone’s heart.  The question became – will I look within?  Will I discover that teaching and live it?  My willingness is all that’s required.

My inner guru knows the way if I trust.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

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