What did God give us?

April 17, 2022
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Here I am with Sattva, my new kitty. We love to cuddle! He’s a gift from God in my life.

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Happy Easter!

Today, let’s celebrate the message Jesus gave us. He came that we might have life, and have it more abundantly. He told us to fear not because he had overcome the world. He came to teach us these clear truths:

We are not our bodies.
We are eternal.
Forgiveness is the way out of pain and suffering.

Sometimes we get so fixated on lack, we forget that we’re eternal, infinite beings having a human experience.

In truth, God gave us everything. Nothing was held back. We got the full load of spiritual qualities at our disposal: Peace, Joy, Freedom, Wisdom, Clarity, Harmony, Prosperity, Beauty, Wholeness, Abundance, Creativity and more. When we seek the kingdom within, we discover we have full access to express these qualities as much as we’re willing to, and able to. Our willingness is up to us.

Our willingness affects our spiritual awareness of what’s true and what’s false. Our willingness acts as a regulator of the flow of Love in our own mind.

At some point, we reach a level of spiritual awareness and maturity that we can see, and also feel, that our life is of our own making. We’re not victims of the world. And there’s no one to blame. Not even ourselves.

We learn to take 100% responsibility and zero blame.

With that growth, we become aware that we choose our thoughts. Thoughts appear in the mind, like clouds in the sky, and we’re the ones who decide to think those thoughts. We decide to agree with them and affirm them and ponder them.

If the thoughts we choose to think are true in the sense of eternal truth, and not merely our perceptions, opinions and judgments, then we feel the Peace of God. Aligned with truth, we’re harmonious.

If our thoughts aren’t true, and are, instead, beliefs, things we’ve made up and tell ourselves are true, then we feel the pain of separation. The pain of separation is an expression of a deep unhealed guilt brought on because we’re actively giving ourselves permission and choosing to invest our awareness into that which isn’t true or real. When we re-invest in our stories and projections, we’re polluting the One Mind of God with our stinking thinking.

We may not realize why we feel so pained. We may think that the reason for our pain is that we feel someone has betrayed us. For example, our mother didn’t love us the way we wished she did. We make that the cause of the pain we feel – but that’s a delusion. Our pain is because we believe our mothers lack of love for us means we’re not good enough, or that there’s something missing in us. And that belief, is an affront to our Creator.

Our Creator made us whole.
Other people don’t complete us.

We’re already complete.
God gave us EVERYTHING and held back nothing.
We’re loved with the fullness of Love whether anyone in our life demonstrates that or not.

When we believe we’re unlovable, we’ll see it reflected back to us in the world. If we think that’s proof of what we believe, we’re operating from a fundamental lack of awareness of truth.

The way we can tell our thoughts are false is because they upset us. We’re far too sensitive, as spiritual beings, to invest our attention in a false belief and remain in harmony.

Whatever we blame others for is our decision to abdicate our spiritual authority over our own life, and that will be a path of suffering. It has to be. When we don’t stand in the Light of our true spiritual nature, it has to be painful so that we’ll wake up and realize we’ve made an error. A mis-take.

Life is always directing us to make higher and more loving choices by making the unloving choices painful. If it seems like life is against us, we’re interpreting it through the lens of a false belief that can be discarded immediately. Our willingness is the only requirement for healing.

Life always is for us, never against us, no matter how it seems.

God gave us everything – let’s use it for good.

Now, it’s easy to say that the stinking thinking is the problem, and that we just need to change our mind. But HOW do we do that? On a practical, day-to-day level, how the heck do we change our mind and actually decide to “go the other way” when it’s SO DARN TEMPTING to just go the same old way we’ve gone in the past and experience the same bungling misery that we’ve gone through before?

For me, the single most powerful and helpful thing was learning HOW to pray the A Course in Miracles way. Effective, affirmative prayer.

Through prayer, I took back my power. I moved out of victimhood.

My first experiences with prayer were profound and life-changing and I’ve been hooked ever since. And that’s why I LOVE LOVE LOVE to share the power of prayer with others.

If you’d like to learn to have prayer as YOUR power tool that you can use at any time, if you’d like to build a MIGHTY trust and faith in Spirit then come check out my Prayer Power class that starts this Monday, April 18th. Click here for more details.

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  1. Fuego Pazzo says:

    Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for the work you do. I listen every day. I don’t know if you have a problem with your microphone but the audio hasn’t been great for the past few days. I was hesitant to mention it, but you are a professional and like your work to sound good. Maybe you aren’t working in the same space and can’t use your regular mic, maybe. Thank you again for all the daily prayers and the weekly podcasts and the app, which is what drew me into begin with. 🙏

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