Available For My Good

May 17, 2022
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Bodhi loves it here in Maine. She loves to sit and watch nature doing its thing.

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We can fill our mind with information to the point of distraction.  It’s not actually helpful. What is helpful is when we’re learning something that actually makes a real difference in our lives in terms of improving the quality of our experience.

As a spiritual student I’ve realized that every day I can learn things that improve the quality of every day of my life, but in order to do so I have to really be truly willing to relinquish my attachment to how things have been in the past.  I have to be willing to be present in the moment now, because that’s where the Love is and Love is the healer.

If I’m grumbling about the past, andruminating about my errors in the past then I’m not open to learn something about the power of Love in this moment.

If I’m thinking things should be different then I’m not really available for a miracle.  Being open to miracles is ALL about being open to the helpful learning.  

Being open to a miracle means being open to see the truth rather than the story I made up about the past.  It’s so helpful to recognize that when I’m upset, I’m clinging to some decision I made in the past and the pain and upset I’m feeling in the current moment isn’t because of what’s happening now, it’s because I’m actually recreating my pain from the past once again.  

We often think we have no choice but to experience pain in a situation that we wish were different, but I’ve learned that I can let go of wishing things were different and be grateful for what is even though just a moment ago I was wishing it was different.

Wishing things were different isn’t helpful.  Learning I can let go of wishing it were different and put my attention, instead, on being focused for how I can be open and available for Love now is very helpful.  

To dramatically, and I do mean DRAMATICALLY, improve the quality of your life, commit to being grateful for things as they are, even when it’s not what you’d wish for.

I’m up in Maine at my family’s home on Deer Isle.  We rent the house out in order to be able to afford to keep it.  I’m getting the gardens ready for the spring and summer, and I’m doing a lot of deep cleaning and fixing of things in the house.  I had hired four different people to each spend a day helping me and all of them bailed for one reason or another – and at the last minute.

It means that I won’t be able to accomplish as much as I’d like.  But what’s more interesting and important to me is that I don’t feel bothered by it.  None of these people was being irresponsible or disrespectful.  Through things beyond their control they had to cancel.  I get it.  I understand.  

And still, life is working for me.  NOTHING is against me.  Everything is helpful.  That’s my world view and I’m sticking to it.  I claim my good!  

And that’s a miracle.  In year’s gone by, I would have been angry, upset and frightened, threatened by how much I felt I “had” to do.

Now, I’ll just do the best I can and let that be good enough.  

I don’t know what anything is for except that I know it’s for my good – of this, I am certain and in that certainty lies the Peace of God.

Learning to be certain that everything is for my good is very helpful indeed!

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2 Responses to “Available For My Good”

  1. Tedd says:

    Do my best-let that be enough.
    Great take away from today’s message!
    Thanks Jennifer

  2. Lynda Hadley says:

    “Everything is always working for my highest and greatest good”…🙏😌

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