Emotional Maturity and Spiritual Liberation

May 23, 2022

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There’s such a thing as emotional maturity.  When we’re emotionally mature we don’t play victim and we don’t let fan the flames of our upset.  Instead, we’re interested in the truth, and in what’s real.  

With our emotional maturity we’re able to discover wiser choices and avoid getting into places where we make lower vibrational choices.  We know the guilt and shame that comes with poking and prodding someone in order to trigger them into upset and we care enough for ourselves that we don’t go there. Many times there have been appearances in my life that were less than desirable.  I used to get really upset and start spinning a web based on my old B.S., (of course you know that B.S. stands for belief system.) 😀

I’d become more and more upset and fan the flames of that emotional fire.  It was the opposite of Love.  I forgot Self-Love in those moments.  Anything that I did to fan the flames of my upset or anyone else’s is an attack and it will only bring something challenging to help me realize that increasing negativity isn’t healthy or helpful.

So many people are concerned about their health, aging, stress, etc., and yet they can do themselves a huge favor by releasing all the negative belief patterns to Spirit for healing.  For me, the simple phrase “I’m no longer interested in that way of thinking,” has helped me tremendously.  Dr. David Hawkins says, “I am no longer subject to that belief.”  I like to put the two together!

There’s so much opportunity for healing because we can practice as much as we’d like!  Woo hoo!  Let’s see how many old negative beliefs we can throw on the holy altar fire of divine Love today!

I’ve seen so many people experience miraculous healing, including myself, as a result of really doing this work.  I like to do it with others because it’s more fun!  We can transform the wounds of the past and reach spiritual maturity.

Thank you for being my prayer partner today!  We are changing the world in a profound way!  

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  1. Tedd Swartz says:

    Thanks Jennifer,
    I like it!💫

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