Feelings, Emotions and God

May 19, 2022
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Sattva is learning to be a good traveller.

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Yesterday I traveled from our family home in Maine back to my home in Vermont.  It’s a long drive – 7 hrs – more intense because I’m by myself and do all the driving, and definitely more intense with the fur babies, Bodhi and Sattva.  Still, it’s not a big deal, but it does require an effort.

Yesterday was SO much work for me, in the Maine house and gardens to get as much as I could done before I had to leave.  Tuesday I worked a very long day, alternating between the house and the garden.  I have an Apple Watch and I logged the most steps in one day – over 25,000.  The day before was 17,000 and that was a high day.  Usually it’s somewhere around 10 to 12,000.

Tuesday I finally went to bed around midnight.  I got up at 5am and did chores and packing until we got in the car around 10am.  I had 9,000 steps just packing and getting ready to leave!

I was about 2 hours late leaving.  I had a class I was teaching last night, and I had to start later because of how long the day of travel was – and then when we got home Sattva took off and I couldn’t find him.  He was out in the yard, prowling.  It’s understandable – after 9 hours of being contained (and mostly sleeping) in the carrier.

What strikes me about it all, is that I was able to stay calm and peaceful through it all.  When things don’t go as planned I have options.  I can choose Peace.  I can choose to reschedule or reboot my experience.  

I notice when my emotions are starting to well up and I intend to go into the feeling of Peace, knowing Spirit is guiding me. I’m not my personality (THANK GOD!!!).

I’ve had so much experience being an emotional drama queen – mostly being angry and argumentative.  It was such a miserable way to live.  I was the cause of my own unhappiness being critical and complaining constantly.  It was as though I felt God had died and left me in charge of judging everything!

5 years ago I did an episode of my podcast where I shared a lot about the differences between feelings and emotions.

(April 18, 2017 episode)  I feel it’s important for us to understand the difference between when we’re having an emotional response or reaction and when we’re experiencing a feeling.

I became afraid of my emotions and anger was the only one that felt safe to me.  Anger is actually an emotional protective device.  When I realized that I could learn to have trust and place my faith in Spirit, when I began to really practice BEING loving, that’s when my emotional life changed profoundly.  I stopped having to stuff my emotional life.

Annoyance = anger.

Peace = Love

We don’t have to know how to get to Peace, we’re just willing to have Spirit guide us there.

I’ve had so much healing through allowing myself to experience my emotions and letting them be expressed rather than holding them in.  Now, it feels safer and safer for me to have my emotions and allow them to go through and realize that they’re not who I am.  Plus, I just don’t feel particularly emotional anymore.

Nowadays I am more aware of feelings. I feel peaceful, harmonious, free, joyous.  

It’s been deeply healing for me to cultivate the feelings that I’d like to experience.

We can cultivate Peace, Harmony, Joy and Freedom.  We can cultivate the feeling of Abundance and Wholeness.  These spiritual qualities have vibrational matches and we can cultivate them and attune to them.  It just takes practice and willingness.

When you’re vibrating with the “frequency” of Abundance, because like attracts like, you’ll be attracting more experiences of Abundance into your life.  It’s really not rocket science.

If you’re willing, Spirit will lead you and guide you.  It’s your birthright.  Go for it!

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    Thanks Jennifer,
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