Living A Life of True Prosperity

May 16, 2022

We can give up the attraction to lack and experience true Prosperity.

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For a long time, I thought living in alignment with spiritual principle would be so hard I couldn’t do it.  I had the belief that if I lived in alignment with principle I’d have to give up everything that gave me relief from my suffering.  Neither of these beliefs was true.

I learned that if the thought doesn’t make me happy, it’s probably not true and therefore I don’t need it anymore.  

It took courage for me to have faith and place my trust in the truth, in Spirit instead of my beliefs.  I began to enjoy feeling aligned with truth and connected with Spirit more than distracting pleasures.  I didn’t have to give up the things I enjoyed, but I did have to give up my attachment to relying upon them – including the stories I’d made up about myself and others.  I had to give up the needing, wanting and craving.

I gave up needing to be right, wanting to appreciated and craving validation.

Needing, wanting and craving ARE signs of feeling disconnected from Spirit.  The disconnect is intensified when we worship false idols.  

Our bodies can be false idols.

Our loved ones can be false idols.

Our jobs can be false idols.

 Where there’s needing, wanting and craving, there are false gods and idols.

We can surrender the cravings to Spirit for healing.

We can discover that we’re whole, and lacking nothing, but we must actively choose it.  That’s our willingness.  That’s the way – willingness is the way!

With our active decision to be willing, and our choice to give up needing, wanting, craving, we find ourselves moving into a period of true prosperity.

We discover the end of lack.

Life is amazing.  Our healing IS at hand – it’s not far away, it’s right here.  Let’s choose it and go together, NOW!

The kingdom is within me.

I am living a life of true Prosperity.

Heaven is happening now!

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  1. Tedd Swartz says:

    I Willing and Prosperous!
    Trusting in Love
    Resting in Spirit
    Thanks Jennifer ?

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