Peace Is More Important

May 14, 2022

Peace is Our Inheritance.

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I’m up in Maine at my family’s home on Deer Isle.  In order to be able to keep it in the family, we have it as a rental and it’s booked a lot of the year.  In spring I come up to prepare the gardens and the house for the spring/summer season and then in November I come back to prepare things for winter.

This trip I have my dog, Bodhi, and my kitten, Sattva, with me.  

Bodhi really loves it here because of the way the house is nestled between the water and the woods I can leave her off leash. Now that she’s more mature, at 1 year old, and having gone through her first heat, she’s calmer and she’s more connected with me.  She’s less likely to take off after an animal and go so far that it’s a problem.

Sattva is learning how to be on a harness and leash and explore the outdoors a bit.  I can’t let her be an outdoor cat because in Maine we have hawks and eagles that would snatch her in a second.  In Vermont we have bears, hawks, eagles, foxes, cougars and more.  It’s just not safe for him to be exploring.  

The other day I was working in the yard, Sattva was on a leash tethered to a tree and Bodhi was roaming around.  Bodhi started to play with Sattva and in the process she laid down on my daffodils, essentially crushing them.  It was a bit of a bummer, but they were having fun and that seemed to be the price of fun – some crushed flowers.  It didn’t really bother me.  I was glad they were having fun.

In past days I would have gotten upset because I couldn’t control Bodhi from ruining my flowers.  I would have taken that upset and put it on Bodhi, making her feel bad and wrong.  In doing so, I would have projected how I felt about myself onto her.

I don’t need to control Bodhi.

I do need to watch over her and make sure she’s safe and learning good habits.  

In the moment I thought about teaching not to crush the flowers, but it just seemed to complicated.  They weren’t in a flower bed, I had planted them at the edge of the lawn. 

I let it go and gave her have fun.  

I let her be guiltless and sinless, as God created her.

I am grateful for my ability to choose Peace. 

Peace is more important than the flowers.

Generally I find Peace is more important to me than most other things.

Fortunately, I can share Peace, and I like that.

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