You can’t take my gun

May 29, 2022

We can remember how to love one another.

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I live out in rural Vermont.  Farm country.  In the mountains at the edge of a huge national forest.  

I see people in the grocery store and around town wearing a holstered gun on their hip.  People in my town hunt for food.  For many, hunting is an important part of their family’s food budget.  People hunt deer and other animals and that meat helps to feed and sustain them.  Especially with the cost of food going up so high.

You can’t take my gun, because I don’t have one.  

I don’t need one.  I don’t hunt anything and I don’t fear being attacked and so it’s never occurred to me to have a weapon to protect myself.  

Even when I lived in NYC for 10 years, and when I lived in rural Maine on an island for 3 years and in 22 years in Los Angeles where I could hear police helicopters patrolling my neighborhood, I never felt a need to carry a weapon.

I’ve been mugged twice.

Once someone attacked me to steal my expensive camera – that was back in the 70’s when people didn’t have mobile phones and we paid as much then for a camera as we do for a phone now.  

Once someone robbed me at knife point at the edge of Central Park in New York, that was in the 80’s.

Although I don’t ever recall my father doing anything with a gun, my brother has raised his three sons with a small amount of gun use for recreation – skeet shooting and BB gun target work.  Mostly when we’re up in Maine on our 18 acre property and there’s no one else there and they do their shooting down by the water so there’s no chance of any person being there that they couldn’t see.

I’ve never shot a gun.

I’m not for or against guns.  To me, they are fairly neutral, although my preference is not to have one around me.

As a result of the recent intense gun massacres here in the United States this past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I can do to heal my mind about the world and to do my part to shift the consciousness that is the root cause of this extreme violence and hatred.

All around us in the United States, people are discussing what to do to solve this gun violence.  People are talking about the gun laws and what changes could be made in the laws to end this problem.  

But that is not the answer, because it doesn’t deal with the root problem.

The root of every problem we have is the belief in separation.  

There are no exceptions to this.  

In New Zealand, after the horrific massacre in Christchurch, the leaders in government acted decisively.  They passed a law banning automatic assault weapons across the board and the government bought them back from the citizenry and destroyed them.  

I understand that people would like to make the automatic assault weapons unavailable.  They’d like to increase background checks and waiting period and raise the age requirements.  All of that sounds reasonable.  It makes good sense.

BUT, it doesn’t sound like it will heal the problem which is a BELIEF in lack of Love.

The root cause of this problem is belief in separation, which is, in turn, generating experiences where people feel unloved, and those beliefs are profoundly painful and generate tremendous fear, which produces anger.  

When people feel unloved, and have no real opportunities to offer Love that THEY can see, their life feels meaningless, and when their life feels meaningless, so does everyone else’s.

There’s only one solution to this problem which is to Love each other.

Now, you and I are spiritual students.  We are Teachers of God whether we know it or not.  

Our mission, which we have ALREADY accepted is to teach only Love.

If everyone in this world who has the eyes to see and the ears to hear, made it their responsibility to Love their brothers and sisters in strong and active ways, then these “lack of Love problems” would fade away.  

A loving thought is millions of times stronger than a fearful one.  Only Love is real.

Our issue is that we’re not DEEPLY committed to BEING loving all of the time, but we can be.  

We can say hello to the people we pass on the street rather than just walk on by.
We can appreciate the person who’s washing the floor, instead of just walking past them and ignoring them.

We can go out of our way to greet people and appreciate them.

I think of my friend, Rich Carothers.  He runs for recreation and exercise and he made a decision to say hello to everyone he passes on his runs.  He waves and smiles.  He’s extending Love as he runs through the neighborhoods in his town.  He’s lifting that vibration there.

Sometimes we’d like to back away from difficult situations and people who look a bit scary to us.  We can remember HOW to put our faith in Spirit and trust LOVE to be our guide so that we can represent the one who sent us.  

When we extend Love in these ways we’re fulfilling our life’s purpose, which is to be truly helpful.

We’re designed to be emissary’s of Love’s Presence.  This is our divine design.
We cannot feel at Peace until we commit to living in alignment with our true purpose.

Let’s not blame the world anymore.  

Some people look at the worlds horrors, disasters and despairs and think “How can God allow this?  Why doesn’t God do something about this?”

To which God would reply, if God were a person, “don’t you realize, that’s why I sent you.  You are my answer to these situations.  You’re the heart, mind, hands and presence of me, and you are anointed.  YOU are my chosen one.”

Let’s step up and know that this challenge is ours to meet.
It’s our response-ability to change our mind about the world, and that includes ourselves, our brothers, and our sisters.

There is no lack of Love.  Yet, if we’re withholding Love, we’ll experience lack.

This is the challenge we came to address.
The mission is ours.  

We are one with the one.
Our mind is the mind of God.
Everything we need is within us.
Spirit will provide all that is necessary if we’re willing.

So, I’m asking you to please start having this conversation with everyone you meet.  Not from a place of thinking you know what’s best, but from the place of extending Love to everyone through this conversation about healing this problem of belief in lack of Love at the root cause.

We can start listening with the ears of Love and be a loving healing presence in every conversation we have.  This is our opportunity to teach only Love.

Gun control is NOT the answer because guns are not the problem.  People feeling unloved and unworthy because they believe they’re separate, alongside people who are withholding Love rather than extending it – this is the issue.

We must teach only Love and in the process we will remember who we are, who sent us and what our purpose is.  

This IS our answered prayer – believe it or not – this is the moment we’ve been waiting for.  

If you wonder what you can do, now you know.  You can Love more extensively, without conditions.
Through your active loving, the thought that you’re unworthy will disappear so quickly you’ll barely be able to remember you ever believed yourself unworthy.  

Let’s prove God works in our lives, now.

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