Baby Sattva 

June 22, 2022

My sweet little Sattva.

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Last night I lost Sattva.  I was getting ready for bed and I couldn’t find him.  

Because he’s still a kitten at just 5 months old, he eats many times a day and I usually play with him and Bodhi in the evening before bed and then I feed him.  This helps him to sleep soundly and, since he usually sleeps beside me, it helps me to sleep soundly too.

At around 8:45, after Masterful Living class, Bodhi and I went out for a walk in the last light of the day.  We came back in and I cleaned up the kitchen did some work on the computer.  As it was time for us to go to bed, I realized I hadn’t seen Sattva for a while – and that was unusual.  

Usually when I’m working on my laptop at night Sattva jumps on me and wants to cuddle or play.

Bodhi was outside and she was barking at a moose or a deer or a coyote or bear or some other critter out in the fields around the house.  I can’t see them, but she can smell them.  She was being quite fierce and patrolling around.

I thought maybe Sattva had gotten out, run past me and I hadn’t noticed, when Bodhi and I went for a walk and maybe he was out there in the yard somewhere and that’s why Bodhi was being so protective.  I searched everywhere I could think of.  No kitty.  

I have a particular way of calling Sattva when it’s meal time.  In a high pitched voice I call, “Baby Sattva!” And he comes running.  I called all over the house and around the house front and back and sides.  No kitty.

It was getting late and I wanted to go to bed.  I didn’t want to stay up all night.  I didn’t want to leave the door open and sleep on the sofa till he came in, if he was even outside.  I knew it wouldn’t be that cold, and it wasn’t going to rain.  I figured he could sleep under the deck or stairs where he frequently hides out.  

Bodhi didn’t want to come in.  She wouldn’t come when I called.  She was keeping an eye out for whatever she was barking at.  I had my slippers on, so I went to the closet in the living room where my shoes were.  

I wanted to trade my slippers for shoes and go out in the yard to get Bodhi.  When I opened the closet door, there was Sattva.  Sleeping on my shoes.  He’d been having a really good nap.  

If Bodhi hadn’t been barking and resisting coming in, I wouldn’t have needed to put my shoes on, and I wouldn’t have found Sattva.  I’d have gone to bed, and been concerned – not worried, but definitely concerned.

I’ve learned that worry doesn’t help me.  

I’ve learned that holding the vision of what I’d like, without attachment does help me.

I’ve also learned to ask the angels for help.  

Maybe the angels kept Bodhi from coming in so that I’d go put my shoes on and find Sattva.

Seems very likely to me.

I followed the guidance and there was no fear.  No drama.  Peace.

This week we start my Finding Freedom From Fear program, and what I know is that freeing our mind from fear brings benefits to every minute of every day.  

I used to let fear ruin my life and rob me of Peace, but no more.

I hold a vision of Peace for my life and your life and I won’t let go until we’ve all eliminated the blocks to Love and remembered that Peace is our natural state of mind.

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