Focus On The Light

June 9, 2022

Let’s stay focused on the Light!

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I used to wonder if maybe I was an evil person.  Sometimes I felt so angry and so dark.  It scared me.  

One of the most intense false beliefs people can develop is the belief that they are dark and evil.  I’m very grateful that I healed that belief and all the behavior, pain and suffering that went with it.  

I’ve talked with many people who’ve come to believe that they are so bad, so wrong, so mean spirited and hard hearted that they are fundamentally evil.  And I understand it.

Even if someone is focused on attack all of the time, It’s just not true.  Everyone is still fundamentally good – but they’ve become focused on being unloving.  The good news is that they can change their mind.  

The darkness isn’t real.  It will never last.  We are all having a healing and that healing is happening NOW!

It might not be easy to change our mind when we’re utterly convinced that we’re not good enough to live and Love, but if we’re willing to enlist others to help us then it’s much, MUCH easier.

The journey from feeling focused on darkness to focusing on the Light is much faster and easier when we do it together.  And that’s why I do what I do.

I feel blessed and grateful that I can share in a way that’s useful.  In our programs like Finding Freedom From Fear and Masterful Living, people begin to realize that they’re fundamentally good, and they have a lot to offer to others.  As they heal the false beliefs they inspire others to do the same.  Everyone’s healing merges and people accomplish so much more than they ever thought.

While we’re joining from all over the world, we’re focusing together on being loving and being a place of Love and compassion.

That’s healing!

What I’ve seen is that great healing happens when there’s great willingness.  We train ourselves to look at what isn’t harmonious and to bring it to the Light.  We can make a new habit of bringing everything to the Light of our being for healing purposes.  It takes great willingness, but it works!

FINDING FREEDOM starts Monday! I haven’t offered Finding Freedom From Fear, my spiritual bootcamp class with ACIM principles in 8 months – this is your chance, if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT!  Don’t put your healing and happiness off 1 more day. We will do the forgiveness work together in class. My Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp isn’t for everyone – it’s for those who are ready and willing to dive in and live the Love.  We’re doing it together!

If you’re curious, or have questions, you can book an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors to get all your questions asked.  Book a call now!

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    💫🧡💫Thanks Jennifer 💕

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