Healing the Causes of Violence

June 5, 2022

Bodhi and Sattva Love to play together and it’s sweet to see.

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One of the most unexpected benefits I’ve had from becoming a Spiritual Counselor 22 years ago is that I’ve learned so much about how the ego mind works.  

I’ve also learned that no matter how troubled a person is, if they have the willingness to let go of the past, to forgive and to Love, really, truly Love, then there’s nothing they can’t heal.

So often in our human experience we get triggered into upset and we think it’s because of what’s happening in the world.  Right now, millions of people are upset about what’s happening in Ukraine.  Millions are upset about gun violence in the United States.  Millions are upset about what’s happening with the Covid Virus – or that’s what they think they’re upset about.

A Course in Miracles tells us “we’re never upset for the reason we think.”

We could change that to:

I’m never angry for the reason I think.
I’m never hurt for the reason I think.
I’m never afraid for the reason I think.
I’m never worried for the reason I think.
I’m never sad for the reason I think.  

It’s oh, so helpful to understand how it is that our thoughts confuse and delude us.  It can be a game of smoke and mirrors with the ego mindset in charge.

As a counselor, and a spiritual student I began to recognize that underneath my anger was fear.  I wasn’t angry for the reason I thought I was.  I was actually afraid and I didn’t even realize it.  Under neat that fear was an old wound that I was protecting with the anger.

The anger I felt was a symptom of the fear of being hurt again in a way or a place that I had already been hurt and the wound hadn’t yet healed.  I thought I was angry because of what people were doing or not doing, but I wasn’t angry for the reason I thought.  I was angry because I was being poked in an old, unhealed wound and the threat of being hurt again freaked me out.

Anger is a surface symptom of something deeper, and knowing that I can help myself and others to heal the root cause.  

I’ve been so amazed to see, in my own life, my heart and mind, that I could go from being angry and hostile so much of the time, to feeling safe, peaceful, harmonious and happy.  

For so many years I truly believed that this kind of healing was only possible for special people and that sure wasn’t me.  I was way too messed up for that kind of healing.

What changed for me was that I became willing to give it my best anyway.  I decided to really make a commitment anyway.  I didn’t believe I could succeed, but I knew I was a failure if I didn’t at least really give it my best.

That changed everything for me – and now I teach people what I did and how I did it and why it worked for me.

And that’s why I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that you cannot solve a problem at the level of the problem.  It has to be done at the level of the mind/heart.

The problem of fear driving people’s lives and decisions cannot be solved by at the level of behavior and supplies.  

People think that the war in Ukraine would be over if someone killed Putin.  It seems logical in so many ways, but what if someone even more fanatical took over?  

As I said last week about the gun violence, the problem isn’t guns, it’s that people don’t feel loved.

Yes, taking the guns, and changing the laws about guns, waiting periods, background checks, etc – all of that can be helpful.  There’s no question about that.  I have always supported that.

However, those laws and changes won’t solve the problem because the problem is that people don’t feel worthy of Love, they feel left out and lost.  They feel separate from their Creator and the source of all good.

They feel hopeless and helpless and changing the gun laws won’t heal their hearts and minds – only Love can do that.  

If I have a cough or a sneeze, that’s a symptom of the underlying issue.  I can subdue the coughing and sneezing, but that doesn’t heal the cause of the coughing and sneezing.

Only Love will solve the underlying issues.
Only Love unites us and dissolves the sense of separation, which is the only problem we’re experiencing.  

We absolutely cannot allow ourselves to settle for “curing” the symptoms.

Let’s heal the root causes of vicious violence and then EVERYONE is healed because we share the same mind.  

As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught, “love is redemptive.”
When we Love someone we redeem them.
Love is the healing power we all have.
And that is how we heal the habits of hurt, anger, and fear –
as well as every other issue we see in the world.

Love casts out fear.
Love is what we are, and we can implement the power of Love in our lives to heal our own hearts and minds and then watch the rest of the world come along.

This is ours to do and we ALL have what it takes.

Let’s prove God works in our lives, now.

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