Making Plans and More Plans

June 30, 2022

It’s our nature to be peaceful and harmonious. In truth, our mind is already healed.

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In lesson 135 of A Course in Miracles it tells us that “a healed mind does not plan.”  This can be quite confusing for many people.  How do we live without plans?  

As I write this, I’m in Poland and later today I travel to Germany and then tomorrow I fly back to New York and travel to New Jersey to stay with my brother.  As soon as I arrive in New Jersey I have a class to teach.  On Wednesday, I have two classes.  And much more.  

Obviously, I have many plans.  

I probably have more plans than the average person.  And here’s how I’ve learned to apply the powerful teaching about having a healed mind and not planning so that I can be free in my mind every day:

It’s about not having attachments.  

A healed mind has no attachments

The key to the end of all suffering is torelease all the mental attachments we have to how we believe things should be and how we believe they should not be.  The shoulds get in the way.  They are designed to get in the way of our happiness.

I make many plans, and I find the constant release of attachment when my plans must change to be a healing opportunity for my mind.  

We may not realize it, but we have so many plans.  Many times they’re hidden, and many times they are the cause of a constant stream of upsets, big and small.  For instance, sometimes I might be staying with my brother’s family and have a plan about some fresh raspberries I’ll have for breakfast.  And when I go to eat them, someone has beat me to it.  

I can be upset about not having what I’d planned, which shows my attachment, or I can release my plan and discover something new is best for me now.  When I bought the raspberries that felt good to me, or maybe it was just my ego.  I don’t really know what anything is for (ACIM Lesson 25).

What I do know is that any day I can be peaceful is a good day.  

Any day I can release an attachment is a good day.

Any day I can feel my heart opening and my mind liberating is a very good day!

I’d rather have a good day than have raspberries!

I used to get upset every day, many times a day.

The release of my plans has been such a great gift to me.

Are you willing to watch your mind for your attachment to your plans?

Are you willing to Love yourself so much that you’d rather be peaceful than cling to your plan?

I cannot say enough about how beneficial it is to release the plans, to listen to the guidance, to practice a new way of living and being.  Everyone in your life will benefit!

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